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    A Massachusetts couple is recovering after welcoming an unexpectedly large bundle of joy.

    Carisa Ruscak was born weighing in at 14.5 pounds Wednesday, according to ABC News affiliate WCVB-TV in Boston.

    Carisa's parents, Caroline and Bryan Ruscak, had expected a big baby, but maybe not one quite so large. The couple's first daughter, Claudia, was born at 10.5 pounds.

    "I heard the weight and I was like, 'Oh, my God,'" Caroline Ruscak said. "It validated me because I was in a lot of pain when I was pregnant, so to hear the size, it made sense."

    Carisa was delivered via caesarian section Wednesday and is the biggest infant to be delivered at Massachusetts General Hospital in 12 years, according to WCVB.

    "When she came out at 14 and a half pounds, I couldn't believe it," dad Bryyn Ruscak said. "I took a picture of the scale just to document it because I couldn't believe how big she was. And long, too: 22 inches is long. That's what we like, long and big. That's what I am."

    Baby Boy

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  • Why Diane Keaton Never Married


    At age 68, Diane Keaton has tried and succeeded at many things - but tying the knot is not one of them.

    "It's not the worst tragedy. But I really wish I had bought myself a man! A good man who would be a great father, I really do. I think it's a better way to go," the never-married actress and mother of two told People magazine.

    "I think I was not practical," she said about why she never wed. "I had some insane idea that I had to be 'in love.' Now I see what it really takes: real consideration that you're a good team together."

    Diane Keaton Kisses and Tells

    The Oscar-winning actress revealed that the man she most wanted to marry was her "Godfather" costar and boyfriend of five years, Al Pacino.

    "But he was even less inclined to be realistic than me. And I was on the cusp of being very old," she told the magazine. "So that poor guy. I don't think he was really that interested. And I don't think a long-term happy marriage would be easy for him."

    Keaton said she's still open to

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  • When Paul Marshall lost his ring six months ago that his then-girlfriend, Debra, had given him on his 40th birthday, he assumed it was gone forever.

    "I had written it off," said Marshall, 41, who lost the ring while on the job at GRK Fasteners, a Canada-based manufacturer of screws and fasteners. "I spent a few hours the next day going through hundreds of packages of screws, everything I had worked on the day before."

    Marshall, who lives in Ontario, Canada, said the ring cost only a few hundred dollars but had sentimental value.

    "Debra gave it to me on my 40 th birthday and it was the first time really I've gotten a ring from anybody," he told

    In a few days, Marshall plans to surprise Debra, his now-fianceé, by walking into their home with the ring firmly back on his finger, all thanks to a crew of construction workers who found his ring nearly 900 miles away in York, Maine.

    The construction workers, Ian Renaud and Randy Newell, found Marshall's ring about two

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  • Warren Buffett, a self-made billionaire known as the "Oracle of Omaha," was practically born a businessman in 1930 in Omaha, Neb. With money earned from his paper route, he made his first investment at age 11, dabbling in stocks and buying acres of land in Nebraska to rent to merchant farmers for a profit.

    That was the beginning of the financial machine. He has now amassed a fortune exceeding $65 billion, making him No. 3 on Forbes' most recent list of the world's billionaires.

    Some of Buffett's top holdings include Wells Fargo and Coca-Cola. His strategy: to hold well-managed, undervalued companies for life.

    Buffett might be one of the richest men in the world and one of most respected investors, but behind the billions, he also has the biggest heart. He teamed up with Bill Gates in 2012 to pledge to give away most of his wealth to philanthropic causes.

    ABC News' chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis, who also hosts the hit digital show "Real Biz," met up

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  • Madonna has never shied away from controversy.

    The Material Girl is making waves again, this time for describing kale as "gay."

    The pop star recently took part in Buzzfeed's word-association game and was asked to write down the first thing that came to mind for 10 completely random things.

    She also wrote "gay" for Russian President Vladimir Putin. But it was her response to the trendy leafy green vegetable that had people crying foul.

    WATCH: Feed Frenzy: It's Miley-Madonna Mashup!

    "Saying kale is 'gay' is meant to convey that she doesn't like it, so it is an insult," one fan wrote. "I am SO TIRED of people using 'gay' in a negative context."

    Another person wrote, "I am surprised she is using the word 'gay' as an insult. I thought she was more sensitive than that."

    Her putdown of kale wasn't the only comment that drew fire, however. A number of folks didn't take too kindly to her description of guacamole as "gross germs."

    5 White Celebrities Whose Use of the N-Word Backfired

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  • Hockey fans are known for their intensity (especially with the Stanley Cup playoffs in full swing), but this little guy takes the cake.

    Pint-sized Pittsburgh Penguins fan Ty Avolia, 2, is raising the bar, going viral for his priceless reaction when Sidney Crosby scored a goal against the Columbus Blue Jackets on April 17.

    His screaming face, clenched fists and waving arms certainly caught the attention of social media as his immense fandom was caught on Pens TV, the online fan channel.

    "I feel like we're getting a sense of what that man's going to be like at 50," Sara Haines said on "GMA Live!" of the adorably intense little guy.

    He's only been to four hockey games but he's obsessed with the sport and can name all the players.

    The family's entire living room has been transformed into a hockey-themed baby cave, of sorts.

    "He's always liked it," said Ty's mom, Hilary Avolia. "Then, for Christmas, he decided he'd ask Santa for skates and a stick and nets, and we got them. Santa brought

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  • William Hurt has dropped out of the Gregg Allman biopic " Midnight Rider" following the death of a camera assistant in February.

    A rep for the Oscar-winning actor, who had been cast as the Southern rocker, confirmed to ABC News that Hurt "will not be participating in the future of 'Midnight Rider.'"

    "The producers were notified by Mr. Hurt's representation that he will no longer be involved with this film," the rep said in a statement.

    A rep for the producers declined to comment on Hurt's withdrawal from the film, but a source close to the production told ABC News that the filmmakers had been looking to recast some of the roles, including Hurt's.

    Production on the film came to a halt Feb. 20 after camera assistant Sarah Jones, 27, was killed and six others were injured during a scene being shot on a trestle in Georgia when a train crossed the bridge unexpectedly.

    'Midnight Rider' Crewmember Recalls Sarah Jones' Final Moments

    Hurt had expressed reservations about filming

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    TOKYO - Caroline Kennedy is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 - "if she runs."

    The new U.S. ambassador to Japan endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, calling him an inspirational figure for a "new generation of Americans" akin to her father in 1960.

    "I think he's been a great president. And I think that this rebalanced Asia is a really good example of somebody who's taking the long view, advancing the United States interest," Kennedy told ABC's Jonathan Karl in an interview in Tokyo.

    If Clinton decides to make a bid to succeed him, Kennedy says she's on-board.

    "If she runs," she told ABC News' Jon Karl.

    "I know it sounds like a cliché, but two years is a really long time in politics," she said. "I'm sure she's looking forward to being a grandmother, I know she's got to decide soon. So, so you know I hope so."

    Kennedy's early of endorsement of Clinton is a switch from six years ago. A key moment during Clinton's grueling primary duel with then-Sen. Barack Obama for the

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  • ABC News' Abbie Boudreau reports:

    The California woman who sued the U.S. Transportation Security Administration after agents told her she had to put her stored breast milk through an X-ray machine says the agency plans to settle her lawsuit for $75,000.

    Airport surveillance video of Stacey Armato's January 2010 encounter with the TSA screeners at Arizona's Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport had parenting communities in an uproar.

    Victoria's Secret Apologizes for Booting Breast-Feeding Mom

    It shows Armato, who had recently given birth to a baby boy, showing her breast milk to a screener, and then being directed to stand in a transparent enclosure after she said she asked for an alternate way to screen three bottles of breast milk.

    She says she was held in that enclosure for some time.

    "The manager told me your milk either needs to go in the trash or go in the X-ray, and as a breast-feeding mom that just, neither was an option for me," the 34-year-old Hermosa Beach, Calif., resident

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  • Ginnifer Goodwin was literally "barefoot and pregnant" at her recent wedding to her "Once Upon a Time" co-star Josh Dallas.

    The 35-year-old actress opened up about her pregnancy and wedding for the first time during an appearance Wednesday on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

    "We wrapped production on 'Once Upon a Time' two weeks ago, and a couple days later I was wed in Venice, Calif.," she told Kimmel, adding that she married "Prince Charming," the character Dallas, 32, plays to Goodwin's Snow White.

    Actress Ginnifer Goodwin Marries Josh Dallas

    "We're both southern, so I was literally barefoot and pregnant at our wedding," she continued. "I was afraid I would fall over. I don't know what I was thinking."

    Asked if their parents were angry that they got pregnant before saying their vows, Goodwin replied, "We may be southern, but it's also the first grandchild, so they're not only ecstatic that I'm pregnant but they're all coming back out here in a couple of weeks to just camp out and

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