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'MMM Yeah!' Austin Mahone's Top 6 Smoothest Dance Moves

Austin Mahone's legion of "Mahomies" turned out on Super Bowl Boulevard this morning - his cold, cold, oh-my-god-this-is-what-frostbite-feels-like morning - for his "Good Morning America" concert. How did they survive the frigid temps? Why, with Mahone's unadulterated smoothness generating heat from the stage, of course.

Here are our favorite (and smoothest) Austin Mahone dance moves:

1. The "Fist-Swirl-N-Slide":

2. This spin (puts a glass of water on his shoulders…not a drop spilled):

3. The "Wobble":

4. This jerky move that should only be attempted by one blessed with smoothness… #NotYou #NotMe

5. This booty shake:


Face it, Austin - your smoothness is contagious and no one at "GMA" is searching for a cure. "MMM Yeah!"

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