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  • Russia's Alexey Sobolev stepped out on Thursday morning at the qualifiers sporting his snowboarding suit, bib and a silver helmet bearing his phone number in bright blue digits. By Saturday his cell had given up temporarily, inundated by an avalanche of texts and naked photos from women around the world.

    "Most of the messages are good luck messages and messages from the girls," Sobolev told the AP. "Some of the messages are not appropriate to read aloud."

    It seems the 22-year-old snowboarder is determined to grab headlines despite failing to make the men's slopestyle finals.

    Thursday's slopestyle stunt was paired with a whiff of controversy over his board, which was painted with a woman closely resembling a member of protest punk band, Pussy Riot, who's long been at the center of a political row with the Russian government.

    While Sobolev shied away from the attention the caricature on his board has brought, saying he didn't design it and wasn't sure if it was Pussy Riot, he's

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  • You've probably by now seen U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn's Hulk smash through a Sochi bathroom door after it jammed Saturday. Quinn told "Good Morning America" today that he was so happy to escape the bathroom but after he saw the gaping hole, he thought he would get in trouble.

    "At that time I was so mad and frustrated I didn't even have a towel in there. I was just excited to finally get out of there. Once I got out of there and put a towel on, I looked back at the door and said 'Oh man there's a giant hole in there. I might get in trouble for this,'" Quinn said.

    But before busting through the door, Quinn said his teammates and neighbors didn't hear his loud bangs on the wall for help.

    "I banged on the door and it cracked. And so I hit it even harder and my fist went through the door. So when I saw light from the room I said, 'Hey it's time to get out of here,'" Quinn said.

    The 6-foot, 220-pounder said he used his bobsled training to finally bust down the door. Quinn immediately

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  • Mother Shaken After Stranger Breaks in, Takes Selfie on Phone

    A Colorado mother is traumatized after a stranger broke into her house and took a single selfie on her phone before sneaking back out, Denver police said.

    The unnamed woman was putting her children to sleep just before 9:30 p.m. when the bizarre incident occurred on Jan. 29 at her Denver home.

    The mother told police she had no idea the man was in the house and only found the selfie on her phone the next morning.

    Authorities are still on the hunt for the suspect and are offering a $2,000 reward for any information leading to his arrest.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Denver police at (720) 913-2000. Remain anonymous and call Crime Stoppers at (720) 913-STOP (7867). Text to CRIMES (274637) then title DMCS and enter the message or send an e-mail to .

  • Facebook Answers Dad's Plea to See Dead Son's Video

    A grieving Missouri dad has thanked Facebook from the bottom of his heart for answering his desperate plea to see his dead son's "look back" video.

    John Berlin reached out to the social media network recently begging to see the 60-second automated clip for his son, Jesse, who died in 2012 at just 21.

    The family were unable to access Jesse's Facebook account and so Berlin took to YouTube to ask the network to let him see his son's personalized video featuring special moments including his most liked and shared photos and posts.

    The look back videos were introduced as part of Facebook's 10th birthday celebrations recently, providing each of the site's more than 1 billion users a collage of their life on the social media network.

    Berlin's YouTube appeal posted Wednesday soon went viral, with more than 700,000 people watching the video in its first 24 hours online, and it wasn't long before it caught the attention of Facebook.

    Facebook responded on Thursday saying it would grant

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  • James Dean died long before the invention of the Internet and Twitter, but the former Hollywood heartthrob is caught up in a strange, tricky and very modern legal question: Should people be allowed to tweet in the name of dead celebrities?

    The Twitter handle @JamesDean has more than 8,000 followers and has sent more than 2,200 tweets. The account is being managed by an unknown owner or owners, and that's not sitting well with James Dean's estate.

    CMG Worldwide, the company that runs the actor's estate, is suing Twitter, claiming @JamesDean isn't trademarked.

    "No, we did not sanction the James Dean official Twitter account. There is no official Twitter site for James Dean because it's been misappropriated by an individual," CMG Worldwide CEO Mark Roesler told ABC News.

    But the social media giant refuses to shut down the account.

    "They're fighting it because they don't want to open the door to lots of claims of people saying hey this was a dead celebrity that needs protection and you're

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  • Meet America's Favorite to Win Ice Dancing Gold

    Let's get this out of the way first.

    No, Meryl Davis and Charlie White aren't dating.

    The American ice dancing pair, who are the favorites to win gold in Sochi, are used to the question.

    "It's awkward because a lot of people like to ask if we are a couple off the ice. Because we are such good actors and it's a vital part of being an ice dancer to show we're in love on the ice, everyone just assumes, 'Hey, they probably are a couple off the ice.' We get that question a lot and it's a little bit awkward but we're used to it," White said in a 2012 interview with

    Davis, 27, and White, 26, have been skating together since 1997

    Hometowns: Meryl is from. West Bloomfield, Mich., and Charlie is from Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

    Skating Experience: Meryl has been skating since she was 5. Charlie laced up his first pair of skates when he was 3.

    Olympic Experience: The duo won silver at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics after they were edged out of the top spot by Canadians

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  • It seems bobsledders in the Olympic Village have a knack for creating headlines even though their events haven't officially started in Sochi.

    Team USA bobsledder Johnny Quinn became an Internet sensation after he broke down a door that became jammed in the Olympic Village.

    Now, British bobsledder Rebekah Wilson is making headlines after she encountered an opened elevator shaft Saturday.

    Wowzers! @paulawalkerGB nearly didn't have her brakewomen after walking out into this!

    - Rebekah Wilson (@BexGBbobsleigh) February 8, 2014

  • U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner may have one-upped McKayla Maroney's "not impressed" look, which became a viral hit at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

    Wagner, 22, became a prime target in the world of Internet memes today when she went from euphoria to total disappoint within minutes. Her facial expressions tell the whole story.

    Wagner moments after performing in her Olympic debut in the ladies short program of the team team figure skating event:

    Wagner moments after she received a 63.10:

    After the event, Wagner spoke to reporters about her performance.

    "To score that low was very disappointing for me," she said, according to The Associated Press. "But honestly, this was more about me and my performance and proving to everyone that I belong here."

    The score put her in fourth place in the standings, and - despite her disappointment - was enough to help the U.S. advance.

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  • WASHINGTON - Sen. Jay Rockefeller doesn't believe the tap water for 300,000 in West Virginia is safe to use a month after a massive chemical spill in his state put it at risk. And with ongoing uncertainty over the water supply in Kanawha Valley, the lawmaker says he won't trust investigators' assurances, given the state's history of "lack of regulatory control."

    "No, I don't, and even if some expert group told me it was safe I don't think I'd believe it," he told ABC affiliate station WCHS-TV Friday, adding "They can say it's not hazardous or this or that, but it doesn't mean anything."

    The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have asserted that levels of the chemical 4-methylcyclohexane methanol, or MCHM, are at acceptable or non-detectable levels in the affected counties. But the Democrat says 50 years of public service in the state, which is known for its relationship with energy industries, has left him

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  • Fashion house Valentino is facing harsh criticism for a PR blast it sent out a day after Philip Seymour Hoffman's wake, using a photo of actress Amy Adams as she attended the event to advertise its newest handbag.

    "We are pleased to announce Amy Adams carrying the Valentino Garavany Rockstud Duble bag from the Spring/Summer 2014 collection on Feb. 6 in New York," Valentino publicist, Upasna Khosla, emailed to journalists on Friday morning.

    The offending release was coupled with pictures of the actress arriving with her husband Darren Le Gallo at Hoffman's private wake, which was held Thursday at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home in Manhattan.

    Adams, who co-starred with Hoffman in the 2012 film "The Master," "Doubt" in 2008 and "Charlie Wilson's War" in 2007, was not aware that her name was being used for Valentino's publicity, a representative for Adams confirmed to ABC News today.

    "Amy Adams is not a paid spokesperson for Valentino, and the suggestion she would use this moment

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