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  • No Shots, No School Amid Ohio Mumps Outbreak

    Unvaccinated kids could spend 25 days at home if someone at their school develops mumps - a contagious disease making the rounds in Columbus, Ohio.

    At least 224 people in Franklin and Delaware counties have contracted the virus, which causes fever, aches and swollen glands.

    The outbreak emerged at Ohio State University in January, but has since spread off-campus.

    "Clearly we're seeing a very large number of cases of mumps associated with what was first an outbreak at Ohio State and now is now a community outbreak," said Jose Rodriguez, a spokesman for Columbus Public Health. "We continue to be concerned about those who are unprotected; those who do not have their two doses of MMR."

    The MMR vaccine guards against measles, mumps and rubella. A single dose, administered around a child's first birthday, immunizes 95 percent of kids who get it, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And a second dose, given before the child starts school, covers virtually

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  • Weird Digital Mirror Reveals Internal Organs

    By combining Microsoft Kinect's motion-capture camera with medical imaging tests, French researchers have created a "digital mirror" that appears to peel back the skin of users and expose their organs.

    Scientists from the University of Paris-South collected high-resolution images from the Pet scans, X-Rays and MRI scans of volunteers. Using the Kinect camera to track the movement of two dozen joints, they were able to translate the medical images into life-like animations and then project them onto the mirror-like screen. When users stepped in front of the mirror, they were treated to what looked like the insides of their bodies moving in real time.

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    Not surprisingly, users had a mixed reaction to the inside out reflections. In one experiment, the researchers left 30 people alone with the mirror for several minutes. Women seemed especially creeped out by the experience, with some gasping and covering their chests to

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  • Ill-Advised School Flier Counsels Kids Not to Rat Out Bullies

    A Nebraska elementary school has apologized for passing out a flier containing nine questionable rules for dealing with bullies.

    Rule No. 7 is "Do not tell on bullies."

    Josh Mehlin, a parent who has children in the Lincoln Public School District, told that the letter did not go home to all Zeman Elementary School students - only some fifth-graders - but it quickly spread as flabbergasted parents started sending it to each other.

    "I was horrified," Mehlin said. "I called the school and said, 'Is this for real or is this kind of an Internet thing?' They said, 'This is for real. We sent this out.'"

    When he called the district office, however. administrators said they'd never heard of it. So believes it may have originated with just one educator, Mehlin said.

    The district has since issued an apology, explaining in a public statement on its Facebook page that the flier contained "inaccurate information."

    "The flier was sent home with good intentions, unfortunately, it contained

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  • Conjoined Twins See Sunlight For the First Time

    A pair of formerly conjoined twins were finally able to go outside and see sunlight for the first time, more than seven months after they had surgery to be separated.

    Owen and Emmitt Ezell were born joined from their breast bone to hipbone and shared several organs, including their liver and intestines.

    The two infants were separated when they were just six weeks old during a lengthy nine-hour surgery. Originally doctors were simply worried about the twins survival and at the time of surgery their medical team estimated the boys had a 40 to 50 percent chance of survival.

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    However, after months of intensive care the twins are finally healthy enough to leave the hospital for a rehab facility. Their parents Jenni and David Ezell are elated, although Jenni Ezell had to shield her son's eyes as they were wheeled outside for the first time.

    "They couldn't even open their little eyes," said Jenni Ezell. "The sun was so bright, I shaded

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  • "GMA" is #1 for the Week

    "GMA" Tops NBC's "Today" by 761,000 Total Viewers and 279,000 Adults 25-54

    "GMA" Scores Largest News Demo Margin Over NBC's "Today" in 3 Months

    "GMA" Continues Growth Trend: Increases Year-to-Year in All Target Demos

    ABC News' "Good Morning America" stood as the morning's No. 1 newscast in both Total Viewers (5.617 million) and Adults 25-54 (2.212 million) for the 7th consecutive week for the week of April 7, 2014, according to Nielsen Media Research. "GMA" beat NBC's "Today" (4.856 million and 1.933 million, respectively) during the week by 761,000 Total Viewers and by 279,000 Adults 25-54, posting its largest news demo margin in 3 months - since w/o 12/30/13. In fact, "GMA" turned in its 3rd-largest margins this season over "Today" in both Nielsen measures.

    In addition, "GMA" increased its margins over victory over "Today" compared to its margins on the year-ago week in both overall viewers and the key adult news demo (660,000 and 63,000, respectively, on w/o

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  • After spending years living in the Los Angeles area - where the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother" was filmed - Neil Patrick Harris has made the move to New York with his partner, David Burtka, and twin toddlers, Gideon and Harper.

    Harris is now starring on Broadway in the musical "Hedwig and the Angry Inch" and, while he adjusts to playing a transsexual, down-on-her-luck East German rocker on stage, he said his family is having fun adjusting to their new hometown.

    Go Behind the Scenes With Neil Patrick Harris on Broadway

    "The parks are amazing. The children's museums are amazing," Harris, 40, said today on " Good Morning America." "A carousel will be on the water in Brooklyn and you get to just go there and experience it, so I'm loving the experiential elements of just living the life here."

    Neil Patrick Harris Answers Your Questions in the "GMA" Social Square

    "We were so excited for this chapter to begin," he said of the cross-country move. "The kids start into preschool soon and

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  • By Sara Haines

    When Max popped the question, I saw dollar signs. I may have won the lottery finding him, but weddings are pricey!

    We're doing a destination wedding, so just getting there is going to cost us. We had to find ways to save.

    How to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

    First things first, we needed a wedding planner, and on our budget, that planner would be me!

    Here are some of my tips for saving money:

    1. Rethink paper invitations. Invites and postage can add up fast, so save some dough with online invitations - with sites such as Paperless Post and Appy Couple. If you go digital and have 100 guests at your wedding, you could save yourself $1,000 on paper save-the-dates and invitations. If you're really set on a having a paper invitation, though, just remember that size matters. Choosing an odd shape - even a square, rather than the traditional rectangular envelope, will cost you an extra 20 cents per invitation.

    How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

    2. Bands and DJs are

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  •  If you had the chance to eat Neapolitan-style pizza from the definitive world's best maker, you'd take it, right? Too bad that guy's in Australia, dashing all your immediate pie-eating dreams. Johnny Di Francesco, chef-owner of 400 Gradi in Melbourne, recently took home first place in the margherita pizza category at the Campionato Mondiale della Pizza, or Pizza World Championships, in Parma, Italy, Friday.

    "I've been making pizza since I was 12, but about five years ago I went to Naples and did a course there with the DOP, an association in Naples that preserves the Neapolitan tradition," Di Francesco said.

    What sets this style of pizza apart from others are the specifications by which it must be made to be able to call itself Neapolitan. The dough can only use water, salt, yeast and flour, the stretching of the dough can only be done by hand, the products must be of a high quality and the pizza must be cooked in a 400- to 450-degrees Celsius oven for less than 90 seconds, Di

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  • Wall Street Chill

    Morning Money Memo:

    Is it sentiment or fundamentals? That's the question facing Wall Street after a sharp stock market sell-off. The Nasdaq index dropped 3.1 percent Thursday, its biggest decline in nearly two and a half years. Stock futures fell again this morning. Many of the stocks that had soared the most in the past year took the deepest dive Thursday. Biotech and Internet stocks were hard hit. Biotechnology has turned volatile in recent weeks as regulators scrutinize the cost of their drugs and investors worry their earnings won't justify lofty stock prices. Investors are also worried that high-growth companies like Twitter and Facebook have become too expensive. The Nasdaq is down 7 percent from its recent high in early March. The S&P 500 lost 2.1 percent Thursday.

    The first-quarter earnings season will kick into high gear next week. JP Morgan Chase, America's largest bank, announced a 19 percent drop in earnings compared with a year ago. Its stock price fell 2 percent. A

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  • E-Cigarette Crackdown Coming?

    Morning Money Memo:

    Pressure is growing for federal regulation of the booming e-cigarette industry. Supporters say e-cigs help people quit the habit, giving them the nicotine they crave without the unhealthy smoke of traditional cigarettes. But a new congressional report written largely by staffers for Democratic senators and House members says concerns about electronic cigarettes underscore the need for regulation. Industry critics say an array of flavors and marketing might appeal to young people. There are no age restrictions and no uniform warning labels. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heat a nicotine solution and create vapor that's inhaled. A 2009 law gave the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the power to regulate tobacco products. The agency first said it planned to assert authority over e-cigarettes in 2011 but has yet to do so.

    Google wants retailers to know exactly what they're getting when spending large amounts of money on Internet

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