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  • Former 'The View' co-host Debbie Matenopoulos, 39, shared a double dose of news with People Magazine - she's married and pregnant!

    Matenopoulos married Jon Falcone, a 36-year-old photographer, in Greece over the summer after two years of dating. The two met through mutual friends in 2012 and have been together since.

    "I eloped in Greece and I'm four months pregnant!" she tells People.

    She continued: "We had a secret eloping ceremony at a title monastery. I'll do a proper wedding after I have the baby."

    The TV personality was in Greece working on her new recipe book, "It's All Greek to Me," when she decided to elope. This is Matenopoulos' second marriage, but her first child. The baby is due in October, but she isn't sure she wants to know the baby's gender just yet.

    As for any strange cravings she's having: "I'm not craving anything per se, but I have become ravenously hungry. I'd wake up in the middle of the night and chug orange juice and I've never liked orange juice! I'm

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  • Nashville and Louisville mark two more concert stops Miley Cyrus will miss due to her hospitalization - and she's sick of it.

    "sick of waking up to needles," Cyrus tweeted early Friday (April 18) morning. " #goingthruit #floydfriday"

    The former Disney Channel star has been hospitalized in Kansas City since Tuesday for an extreme allergic reaction to a prescribed antibiotic, according to her rep.

    Since being admitted to the hospital, many have been wondering when Cyrus will be discharged and how many of her "Bangerz" tour dates will be canceled or postponed. Apparently, some people have been spreading rumors about the singer's health condition and she isn't taking too kindly to it.

    "shut the f*** up & let me heal," the "Wrecking Ball" singer tweeted April 17. "stop scaring my family, friends, & fans."

    She continued: "So many ignorant stories out there no one is reading the official statement and these dumb asses are scaring my fans."

    The singer also posted a "hospyselfie" to her

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  • For most women, carrying their own baby is the ultimate joy, seen time and time again in movies, on TV and in magazines.

    More and more women, however, are turning to surrogates to carry their babies, not because they cannot conceive, but because they do not want to.

    It's a trend many are calling "social surrogacy" and one that was recently highlighted in an article in the May issue of Elle magazine.

    "This is a wonderful opportunity for women to have more choices," said Dr. Saira Jhutty, CEO of Conceptual Options LLC, a California-based surrogacy agency.

    Jhutty's agency matches surrogates with women who have nonmedical reasons for not wanting to carry their own babies. The women who come to her agency have a variety of reasons for wanting a surrogate, from not wanting a pregnancy to interfere with their careers to being afraid of what pregnancy will do to their bodies, Jhutty said.

    "We have people who are afraid of being pregnant," Jhutty said. "Some people work in an industry

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  • Stuart Scott is an ESPN original and the man GQ Magazine once said put the hip-hop in sportscasting.

    (ESPN/ Rich Arden) When the "Sportscenter" anchor is not at ESPN's studios, he can be found once or twice a month practicing mixed-martial arts wearing sunglasses, for a very specific reason.

    "I'm blind in my left eye," Scott told ABC News' Robin Roberts in an interview Tuesday. "Contrary to what people say, it is not a glass eye so I have to protect my eyes at all cost."

    Scott, 48, was first diagnosed with cancer in November of 2007.

    "That was just kind of a surprise when the doctor said, 'We did a biopsy on your appendix and you have cancer,'" Scott recalled. "Like the first thought [was], 'I'm gonna die.'"

    (ESPN/ Rich Arden) "There's probably an expletive before the thought, 'I'm gonna die,' [but I] can't say it," he said. "My second thought was, 'I'm gonna die and I'm gonna leave my daughters and I can't do that."

    After two surgeries and six months of chemotherapy, Scott emerged cancer-free. Two years later,

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  • ABC News President James Goldston sent the following note to the news division announcing that Lara Spencer has been promoted to co-host of "Good Morning America."

    Tomorrow marks an historic milestone: two years ago GMA snapped Today's 852-week winning streak. And every day since, we have played our game and fought like underdogs, never satisfied and always looking for the best stories and those indelible television moments that make GMA so special to our audience.

    With our amazing team of George, Robin, and Lara and now Amy and Ginger too- I'm confident there is much more to come-and great days ahead for Good Morning America.

    Robin - the captain of our team, is the heart of GMA. No matter what she's faced, she has made it her job to make sure that we are all taken care of. Beyond her amazing broadcasting abilities and dedication to GMA, her compassion and incredible journalism never fails to inspire-and her rallying cry that Everybody's Got Something inspires millions of

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  • While President Obama deals with Russian President Vladimir Putin abroad, the groundskeepers and Secret Service agents who guard the White House are trying to combat an equally wily opponent at home.

    The latest gatecrasher to show up at the president's home uninvited is not a "Real Housewife" but a real, live fox.

    The little red fox was first spotted on the White House grounds last fall, just before the government shutdown.

    According to The Wall Street Journal, while White House staffers found themselves at home during the furlough, the fox made himself at home at the White House.

    "We don't mind that he passes through, but we don't want him to stay," Dale Haney, the superintendent of the White House grounds, told the newspaper. "No overnight guests."

    Though the ground that houses the First Family is one of the most highly-protected properties in the world, the fox has managed to outfox everyone, literally.

    The Wall Street Journal reported White House groundskeepers have planted traps and

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  • Get out your checkbooks: a San Francisco creamery is offering an ice cream sundae that costs $3,333.33.

    Yes, you read that right. Three Twins Ice Cream coined the treat, which is just three scoops of organic ice cream with an organic banana topped with three syrups made from extremely rare dessert wines, the "World's Most Expensive," which was first discovered by Eater.

    "The World's Most Expensive Ice Cream Sundae was originally created as something fun for people to read while waiting in line," Three Twins founder Neal Gottlieb said. "I really hate the 'most expensive …' when most of the expense is for the serving dish, like the most expensive cocktail that comes in a crystal chalice. We serve the most expensive sundae, but the food cost is one-third of the price."

    Another third is donated to a local land trust, and we have to assume the last one-third goes to Three Twins.

    In addition to ice cream, banana and syrups - which are made from a 1960s vintage Port, a Chateau

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  • It's impossible to talk about the Clintons these days without mentioning 2016 in the same breath. And the announcement of Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy is proving to be no different.

    People are already speculating about how - or if - the new Clinton grandchild could affect Hillary Clinton's possible run for the presidency. Could the title "Grandma" mean more to the potential presidential front-runner than the title "President?"

    Almost immediately after news broke that the former first daughter was expecting, the Christian Science Monitor published this headline: "Chelsea Clinton Baby: Will Hillary Clinton Be Less Likely to Run in 2016?" A USA Today piece on the announcement included a line with a similar suggestion, noting, "It's unclear how Chelsea's pregnancy will affect Hillary Clinton, who is considering a race for president in 2016."

    And a Politico report raised the possibility that "having a grandchild may make the Iowa State Fair a less appealing place to spend the summer

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    Scientists conducting research in Macedonia came across the gruesome aftermath of a battle between a viper and a centipede in which they believe the two foes literally ate each other to death.

    The discovery of a dead young female nose-horned viper with the head of a centipede protruding from her stomach was made last May on Golem Grad, an island in Lake Prespa, according to the journal Ecologica Montenegrina.

    After dissecting the grisly discovery, researchers wrote that the centipede, itself known as a "ferocious predator," weighed more than the snake, which had "gravely underestimated the size and strength" of its prey.

    The viper had a notable absence of "visceral organs," which led the team to conclude that the centipede had chewed through its way through the snake's insides, "almost reaching its freedom."

  • Prince George crawls, has a voice that could "match any lion's roar," according to his dad, and sells out any stroller, romper or shoes he's spotted in.

    What's not to love?

    Nothing according to one young cougar who wore her heart on her sleeve, or her onesie, on Wednesday in New Zealand to grab the attention of Prince George's parents, Prince William and Duchess Kate.

    All the Best Photos of William, Kate and George Down Under

    Dressed to kill in a tutu and waving a Union Jack flag, 11-month-old RubyCate Blitz professed her love for the nearly nine-month-old prince with a top that read, "Marry Me George."

    RubyCate got a lift from her father, Rob Blitz, in order to stand heads and shoulders above the crowds of New Zealanders who came out to welcome the royal family at a stop they made in Wellington on their multi-week tour Down Under.

    Click HERE to Read More About Prince George!

    It all worked for RubyCate who managed to catch the eye of Prince William, 31, who asked her name and told her

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