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  • Broad Public Approval for Feds on Boston Bombing Investigation


    Two-thirds of Americans approve of the federal government's handling of its investigation into the Boston Marathon bombing and nearly six in 10 hold a favorable view more generally of the government's efforts to try to prevent terrorist attacks in the United States.

    Those results in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll mark unusual majority-positive ratings for government actions - difficult scores to achieve in recent years, given anti-Washington sentiment generated, in large part, by the nation's slow crawl to better economic health.

    See PDF with full results and charts here.

    Notably, views on the federal response to the marathon bombing, a year ago today, cross partisan lines. Approval peaks at 74 percent of Democrats, but also includes 62 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of political independents. Similarly, 63 percent of conservatives and 68 percent of liberals approve, relatively rare agreement across ideological groups.

    Thirty percent of Americans, moreover,

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  • Baby Giraffe Reunited with Family at San Diego Zoo

    It might be the sweetest thing you see all day. After weeks of illness, a baby giraffe named Leroy was reunited with his mother and the rest of his herd at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

    The calf had been diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection just two weeks after he was born in January, a condition that made his chances of survival slim.

    But after extensive treatment by the zoo, the calf made a full recovery. After this, Leroy was kept in a restricted area of the zoo to prepare for his reintroduction.

    On Monday, he could finally nuzzle with his mother again.

  • One Southwest Airlines flight attendant definitely knows how get her passengers' attention.

    Marty Cobb, mother of three, might have come up with the funniest flight attendant bit since "Airplane," with a YouTube video of her safety speech going viral as she turns the typically mundane in-flight safety presentation into a full-blown stand-up routine.

    "If I can pretend to have your attention for just a few moments, my ex-husband, my new boyfriend and their divorce attorney are going to show you the safety features on this Boeing 737-800 series," Cobb says in the video, getting lots of laughs from all those on board.

    "It's been a long day for me," she continues, asking passengers to please fasten and position their seat belts "tight and low across their hips" just like her "grandmother wears her support bra."

    JetBlue Helps Man Pull Off Epic Proposal at 10,000 Feet

    The video has already gotten more than 1.2 million views since being posted April 12.

    "You know, traveling is stressful and

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  • Pop singer Cody Simpson was voted off "Dancing With the Stars" Monday night during a show in which the routines were set to songs from hit Disney films and one star earned the first perfect score of season 18.

    There were boos from the ballroom audience when Simpson's name was announced as the star who was being eliminated.

    Though Simpson, 17, said he was shocked to learn he was voted off, he called "Dancing" an "amazing experience" and said today on "Good Morning America" that he wouldn't change anything about his time on the dance floor.

    It's "an opportunity that I never thought would arise in my life and a chance to learn some new dance styles," Simpson said. "I'm coming out of it with a positive outlook. Going into it, wanting to become a more well-rounded dancer, a better entertainer. And [I'm] coming out of it, just that."

    Simpson said he will apply his new dancing skills to his own professional career.

    "Having learned a lot from [professional partner, Witney Carson] and having made a

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    With throbbing lights and crowds of kids, privately promoted events known as "glow" parties are quickly becoming the go-to parties for teens across the country.

    The parties are billed as safe and alcohol-free events for kids as young as 16.

    In a new warning, however, officials say the parties, which come with up to a $40 entry fee, are not always just about music and dancing.

    "Molly is a drug we have seen being available at many of these 'glow' parties," Angelo Valente, executive director of the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey, told ABC News.

    Molly is a form of Ecstasy that has been linked to overdoses and is mentioned frequently in pop culture and music. Molly, short for molecule, is supposed to be the purest form of MDMA, the main ingredient in Ecstasy.

    "It raises your body temperature, your heart rate goes up, your blood pressure goes up, and so it does make you more prone to heat stroke," ABC News crime analyst Brad Garrett said last year.

    "Glow" party-goers are using the

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  • ABC News' Dr. Justin Larkin reports: As if pregnant women didn't have enough to worry about.

    New research suggests women who gain more or less weight than recommended during pregnancy give birth to kids with an increased risk of childhood obesity.

    Researchers found that normal-weight women who gained more weight than recommended had children who were 80 percent more likely to become obese. On the other side, normal-weight women who fell short of the recommended weight-gain guidelines were 63 percent more likely to have had a child who will eventually become overweight or obese, according to the study published Monday in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    Call it the "Goldilocks effect" in pregnancy weight gain. And while research is uncovering numerous factors that can influence the risk of childhood obesity, the results of this new study suggest that weight gain during pregnancy is an important factor.

    Indeed, while only 14 percent of children born to women

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  • " Dancing With the Stars" pro Chelsie Hightower weighs in on each of the week's performances . The "DWTS" veteran knows what it takes to dazzle on the dance floor and gives her take on the dances, the choreography, and the judges' scores. You can find her on Twitter @chelsiehightowr.


    It doesn't get much more exciting than Disney night! The show took me back in time to my childhood and young adult years. Also, guest judge Donny Osmond brought so much energy and fun to the panel. Onto the routines!

    Monday's Routines

    Drew Carey: This dance ended with as much energy as it began and I really enjoyed it! When they were in hold their technique was a bit weak, but when they were dancing side by side they were strong. I have to say, his footwork all the way to his frame still need improvement. But overall, the "Aladdin"-themed dance was energetic and fun, and after all what's not to like about Aladdin, a personal childhood favorite of mine. :D Great job

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    ABC News' Anna Wild and Sara Haines report:

    Beyonce flaunted her natural beauty while on vacation in the Dominican Republic this week - and countless other celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga and Cameron Diaz have all posted fresh-faced selfies for the world to see.

    But would you go makeup-free for your wedding day?

    For Carolynn Markey's big day, she did just that. She says she typically doesn't wear any makeup and didn't want to change just because it was her wedding.

    "I wore flowers in my hair, I wore a really pretty white dress, I wore heels," Markey, of Lynchburg, Va., told ABC News of her November 2012 nuptials. "I wanted to look presentable for my wedding day, but didn't feel like makeup was part of that process."

    How to Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

    Now more and more brides are ditching the base, blush and smokey eye to look more natural for their big day.

    "I think it's a big trend for brides and couples alike to want to feel as much like themselves as

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  • No Time to Waste on Tax Returns

    Morning Money Memo:

    The clock is ticking down on the deadline to file your 2013 tax returns. You must file something by midnight or face a penalty. April 15 is when the bill is due for any taxes owed. "The late payment penalties that accrue when your file late can be substantial." Eric Smith of the IRS said. And the charge for filing late can be even worse. But you can easily get more time to fill in the forms. Using form 4868 "you can file the extension and give yourself piece of mind," tax accountant Janice Hayman says. You get an additional six months to do the paper work. "It gives people the chance to do things properly," she says.

    Your chances of facing an audit are small unless you are a high income earner. The IRS audited less than 1 percent of income tax returns last year. The audit rate is 0.88 percent for incomes less than $200,000. But wealthy taxpayers are much more likely to face questions about their returns. The audit rate last year was 11 percent for people

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  • ABC News' Claire Shipman reports:

    We all know those familiar, frustrating feelings. We're afraid to speak up at a meeting because we aren't sure what we have to say is perfect. And then a few minutes later, a male colleague says exactly what we had in mind.

    Perhaps we've contemplated taking a larger step - a run for local office or a change of career - but we opt for caution over risk. For most women, such feelings are so commonplace we've discount them. But, in truth, they represent a profound confidence gap between men and women, especially in the workplace.

    My co-author on " The Confidence Code," Katty Kay, and I have come to believe that gap is in large measure why we have failed to reach the highest levels in the workplace.

    Think about the damaging consequences of these common habits.

    Scroll down to take the Confidence Quiz and See 5 Common Confidence Mistakes Women Make

    - Women won't seek promotions unless they feel they have close to 100 percent of the

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