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Bank Robbery Tunnel Photos Released

Police in Berlin have released the first photos of a 150-foot underground tunnel dug by robbers to gain entry to a bank's safe deposit room.

Police say a "very professional" team of thieves spent weeks or even months building the tunnel into the Berliner Volksbank in Berlin and undertook the robbery sometime after the bank closed Jan. 12 for the weekend.

The theft was reported to police Monday after a bank security guard detected smoke coming from the deposit room, Berlin police spokesman Thomas Neuendorf told The Associated Press.

(Gettty Images)The thieves made off with an undetermined amount of valuables from the bank's security boxes and set fire to the tunnel in their wake.

The tunnel was reportedly so well constructed that it had ceiling supports and was about 3-feet wide.

Along with the tunnel photos, police also released a composite sketch of a man they believe was involved in the heist. They say he is between 30 and 40 years old.

(Gettty Images)

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