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Betty White Hangs With Hunks in New Video

Betty White may be 89 years old, but she still has what it takes to run with a younger crowd. Just check her out in this music video for the song, "I'm Still Hot" by British artist Luciana.

Surrounded by shirtless hunks, the "Hot In Cleveland" actress proclaims, “I’m still hot,” with a coy look. But this isn’t some egotistical celebrity stunt. It’s for a cause. The video was created by The Lifeline Program, a life insurance settlement company that helps seniors and baby boomers pay for retirement.

The video made its broadcast debut on “Good Morning America,” and you can watch the full video below. White definitely proves that she is, indeed, still hot.

A large portion of the proceeds from the video, which will be available on iTunes, will go to save animals at the Los Angeles Zoo, where White sits on the board of directors

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