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Crazy Oscars Grocery List: 1,600 Pounds of Butter, 600 Lobsters and More

When you watch the Oscars this Sunday, you probably won't realize how much work and detail went into the event. At the Governor's Ball held after the ceremony, 1,500 guests will attend an event staffed by 950 people and a 350-person culinary team.

Governor's Ball Menu 2013: Stars to Dine on Kobe Burgers and Vegan Pizza

Waiters will wear four different uniforms and serve guests 1,500 bottles of Thienot champagne. The champagne will be served in some of the 12,000 beverage glasses. There will be 302 bar stools and 423 pieces of furniture that will be re-covered with 1,935 yards of fabric. Workers will have cooked, assembled and prepped for 2,100 hours to put together the event.


Wolfgang Puck's team will be busy in the kitchen that night, serving an elaborate menu with more vegetarian and vegan options than ever. The team will be working with 1,200 potatoes, 6,000 chestnut tortellini and 150 pounds of organic sugar. Seventy-five hundred individual shrimp will be served with 30 gallons of cocktail sauce. Pastry cooks will be busy working with 1,000 pounds of bittersweet chocolate.

Think your trip to the grocery store is tough? Take a look below to see more items on the outrageous Oscar grocery list:

6,500 wood-fired Oscar-shaped flat breads

3,500 miso cones

250 pounds troll-caught Atlantic bigeye

17 whole U.S. wild-caught yellowtail

1,300 farmed oysters

5 kilos American farm-raised caviar

600 Maine lobsters

250 pounds sticky rice

50 whole yellowtail snapper

25 gallons spicy mustard

1,250 stone crab claws

200 pounds beluga lentils

300 whole Jidori chickens

400 pounds Snake River Farms New York steak

10 pounds white truffles from Alba, Italy

10 pounds winter black truffles from Burgundy, France

3,500 Kombu chips (seaweed chips)

2,500 Caprese cones

2,750 bacon-wrapped dates

4,500 pieces of truffle and Parmesan grissini

20,000 pieces of California-grown micro greens

6,000 pieces house-made mini brioche buns

5,000 cage-free eggs

200 quarts heavy cream

200 quarts milk

1,000 pounds of Guittard bittersweet chocolate

10 pounds edible gold dust

5,000 mini chocolate Oscars

200 pounds McGrath Farm strawberries

300 pounds Pudwil Farm blackberries

1,600 pounds unsalted butter

20 pounds crème fraiche

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