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Dachshund Pups Caught Nuzzling With a Capybara

(Courtesy: Rocky Ridge Refuge)A litter of puppies abandoned by their owner are proving true to the old saying that love, especially motherly love, is blind.

Otherwise, how could one explain the adorable photos showing the Dachshund mix puppies being mothered by a prickly capybara known as Cheesecake?(Courtesy: Rocky Ridge Refuge)

The photos were posted to Facebook by Rocky Ridge Refuge, the Arkansas-based animal rescue group that took in the litter of eight puppies after they were left in a Tupperware container outside a church March 6.

Four of the puppies were quickly picked up for adoption while the remaining four stayed at the refuge under the care of Janice Wolf, the (Courtesy: Rocky Ridge Refuge)refuge's founder.

Just a few days after they arrived, March 9, Wolf left the resident capybara in her menagerie in charge of the pups.

"Saturday was warm and sunny here, so I put Cheesecake in charge of the Doxie pups for the day," she wrote on Facebook.

Capybaras, according to Arkive.org, are the largest rodents in the world and can sometimes weigh as much as an adult human, a far cry from the tiny Dachshund pups. Nonetheless, the pups can be seen in the photos nuzzling and snuggling with Cheesecake as if she were their mother.

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