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Dad Photoshopped Into Son's Wedding Pictures

Weddings are full of photo ops -- from bridal party shots, to the walk down the aisle, the couple's first dance, and more. So when one groom's dad was unexpectedly unable to make it to the festivities because of a sudden illness, the groom's sister got creative with photoshop.

Laura Shoop, 26, added her dad into the professional photos from the big day, but instead of inserting the father of the groom in a formal suit or tux to fit the scene, she opted for humorous pictures of their dad through the years, doing chores around the house, lounging in a blow-up pool, sporting a sombrero, and more.

"It was really funny seeing his reaction. ...[My dad] loves it," the groom, 28-year-old Brian Shoop, said. "He laughed, just nonstop."

Credit: Shelby Street Photography


The groom, who lives with wife Andrea in Lexington, Ky., posted a gallery of the outrageously photoshopped wedding pictures on the social news website Reddit.com Monday with the headline: "Dad missed my wedding; my sister photo shopped him into the action," where it has generated thousands of comments in 24 hours.

"My sister and I had no idea these pictures would get so many views and evoke so many positive feelings from so many people.  It's quite humbling, honestly," he told ABC News.

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Credit: Shelby Street Photography

Days before the August wedding, Shoop's father, George, 59, came down with a case of acute cellulitis, a skin infection on his lower leg caused by a bacterial infection, which required him to be hospitalized. Despite their best efforts, doctors could not get his dad's condition under control to release him in time to travel from Redding, Pa., to Cincinnati, Ohio, for the wedding that weekend.

"Obviously, it was a pretty devastating thing to have to miss," Brian Shoop said, adding that he was determined to incorporate his dad into the ceremony. The family positioned a laptop near the altar and used Skype so George Shoop could watch the couple exchange vows from his bed at Reading Hospital.

George Shoop went on to make a full recovery and when the professional wedding photos came back this fall, Shoop said his sister came up with the idea to put together an offbeat album for their dad as a Christmas gift.

"He shows his friends the book we made him," Brian Shoop said.

Shoop's wife Andrea is equally amused by the photoshopped album.

"It cracked her up," he said. "We've got one of the photo books and it's featured prominently in our house.

PHOTOS: See More of the Couple's Photoshopped Wedding Album 

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