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'Dinosaurs' Let Loose in Times Square on 'GMA LIVE!'

Sam Champion, Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer got a roaring surprise on “GMA LIVE!” today.

“We have a dinosaur! No one told me have a dinosaur,” Champion announced, shocked as he saw the tall, sharp-toothed, red beast walking towards him in the studio.

The dinosaur invaded the set and cozied up to the anchor team and crew, nearly “eating” the cameraman. At one point, the giant creature even tried crawling under the anchor desk to get to his “prey.”

The shockingly realistic creature was no figment of the anchors’ prehistoric imagination, but rather, one of the many Mesozoic monsters currently on display at Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo at the New Victory Theater in New York City.

The exhibit, originally from Sydney, Australia, “transports you to the Australian outback where a rugged ranger and trusty dino keepers introduce you to a menagerie of Mesozoic monsters from around the world,” the website explains. “Manually operated by supremely skilled puppeteers, every frightful fiend and huggable hatchling responds instantly to the audience for an intimate and authentic encounter.”

“I love dinosaurs!” Elliot exclaimed as soon as he saw the unannounced visitor. “I truly had no idea this was happening, but I wish this really was real, because this would be the greatest day of my life.”

While visiting the actual exhibit, kids are brought onto the stage to help look after the dinosaurs, but beware, warned Erth’s spokesperson, “If the kids don’t behave, the dinosaurs will eat them.”

It’s something we always wish could happen when we go to museums. The exhibits are static, and we’ve made them come to life,” he said.

Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo is on display in New York through Sunday, Jan. 27.

“On behalf of everyone on the internet, I want to thank you for the dinosaurs,” Elliot said.

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