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Extreme Kayakers Save Friend From River Rapids

The dramatic moment when a group of friends jumped out of their kayaks to pull a fellow kayaker stuck between rocks to safety was all caught on tape.

Mark Hardingham, an extreme kayaker, was paddling with a group of friends Saturday on the Lyn River, which is about three hours outside London and listed as one of the most difficult rivers to kayak in England.

As his friends paddled, Hardingham, 56, became "vertically pinned" in his kayak underneath a raging waterfall. The positioning placed Hardingham's body trapped in his kayak and his head underwater.

Hardingham's friends - identified by The Bristol Post as James Bradley, Pete Henderon, Carl Ross, Mark Shackleton, Justin Gale and Simon Morse - abandoned their own kayaks to save their friend.

The kayakers used ropes to harness Hardingham, allowing him to gasp for air, and then pulled him to safety.

"We're extreme kayakers," Hardingham said after the rescue, which was posted online by EpicTV.

"Things do happen and we make sure we're surrounded by good mates to be able to deal with those situations," he said. "And, as you can see from the video, I had an expert team."

"I hope my wife don't find out about it."

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