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'GMA' April Fools' Day Special Report: The Language of Gorillas

This morning on “Good Morning America” you saw ABC News correspondent Nick Watt’s amazing special report that a scientist had deciphered the language of gorillas, allowing human-primate speech communication for the very first time.

The breakthrough, made by Dr. Paolo Fril, reportedly came after six years of painstaking research at the Los Angeles Zoo, Watt reported.

Jack Hanna, director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo, appeared in the special report, calling Fril’s achievement “an incredible discovery.”

Even Kim Kardashian weighed in, saying she and her famous reality TV star sisters had witnessed the interspecies conversation firsthand.

“My sisters and I, we went to the L.A. zoo, last week and it was, it was fascinating, you really just have to go for yourself and see,” she said.

Watch the clip below.

Of course, you now know that the whole thing – the breakthrough, Fril’s planned reality TV show, and even Fril himself – were all part of “GMA”’s April Fools’ joke, and there were several clues in Watt’s report that would have helped you figure it out.

For one, the name “Paolo Fril” is an anagram. Those letters spell out “April Fool.” Also, Fril started his work on April 1. And Watt referred to Fril as a “primologist,” but the correct term for someone who studies primates is “primatologist.”

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