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How Robin Roberts Prepared for Return to 'GMA'

“Good Morning America” co-anchor Robin Roberts made her much-anticipated return to the show this morning exactly five months after she went away on medical leave to get treatment for a rare blood disorder.

Roberts, 52, underwent a bone marrow transplant in September to treat myelodysplastic syndrome or MDS, a rare blood disorder. She received donor cells from her sister, Sally-Ann Roberts.

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Since then, she’s been working with her medical team – and doing yoga and lifting light weights – to get her recovery on track.

“I just love how much stronger I feel,” Roberts said. “I love it. It's so exciting.”

Staffers at "GMA" did their part to ensure a safe return for Roberts. There were voluntary flu shots - Roberts' immune system is still vulnerable to infection - and her dressing room and workspace were diligently cleaned.

Roberts eased into her return by doing a test run of sorts last month. She did a rehearsal in the show’s Time Square Studio, surrounded by a large group of people and bright studio lights. The result of that rehearsal would let her doctors know if she was strong enough to return to work.

She was ecstatic when her doctors approved her return, but she also acknowledged that she was nervous.

“I haven’t done live television since the end of August,” she said, speaking to her fellow “GMA” anchors in an interview that aired on the show Monday. “So I’m a little bit nervous, …  but you got my back, … that’s what I’m not nervous about. … I know that you have my back.”

In a blog that she wrote earlier this month, Roberts thanked the public for its prayers and support, writing “Your compassion has been an enormous source of comfort to me and my family.”

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