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'I'm a Daddy and I Know It' Star Skypes with 'GMA LIVE!'

Chad Morton, of Taylorsville, Utah, has become an internet sensation with his parody “I’m a Daddy and I Know It” song. It’s a hilarious new rendition of LMFAO’s popular song, “Sexy and I Know It,” but with a much more family-friendly theme.

With lyrics any parent can relate to like, “When I walk on by, I trip on a toy and start to cry … This is how I roll. Poopy Diaper, sippy cups, out of control,” it’s no wonder Morton has found himself in the viral spotlight. The video has received 1.6 million views since it was originally posted on YouTube in late December.

The father of five joined our “GMA LIVE!” anchors, Sam Champion, Amy Robach and Lara Spencer, to discuss his newfound fame and explain how he came up with the idea.

“Every year we have a family Christmas party. We do something funny. We’re kind of corky people,” Morton said via Skype. “We give away a gift as a white elephant present. And last year we did a music CD, and this year we wanted to one-up it a little bit, so we did a music video. It didn’t have anything to do with Christmas. It was just something fun to give to the family.”

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Morton isn’t the only family member featured in the video. His five children also make cameos in comical scenes, playing in the garage, staring it at him from their play pen and being put in timeout by Daddy.

“My oldest is 7, and then I have a 5-year-old and then the triplets are 23-months-old today, actually,” Morton explained.

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