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Mike and Ike Reunite After Split

Unlike most celebrity marriages, legendary candy duo Mike and Ike are getting back together.

After a yearlong "divorce" campaign that included a series of YouTube videos, Facebook updates and a Tumblr page, the Just Born candy company is reuniting the pair.

The Mike and Ike Facebook page declares, "This just in … great news! THEY ARE BACK!!! more news to come stay tuned…"

Due to creative differences in the candy, Mike had left to pursue a music career, while Ike had pursued a career in art. To take the "break-up" even further, the company released special packaging with either Mike or Ike's name scratched out.

"I saw Mike and Ike, they're back together," a girl said in a You Tube video the company posted on Tuesday.

Despite some people calling the split a "divorce," the company says the pair are just friends in business together.

In honor of the reunion, a new variety of candy called Strawberry Reunion will be released; so will new flavors made with real fruit juice and new, colorful packaging with a sleek black design.

"Last year the Mike and Ike Split Campaign was a major contributor to the highest sales numbers in the 73 year history of the brand. The brand had one of the highest year-over-year (YOY) growth rates in the last 10 years, " a Mike and Ike statement states.

The campaign has also tripled the company's social media traffic, gaining almost 1 million Facebook followers.

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