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Mom Saves Baby Trapped Under Livery Cab

A mother pulled her infant girl out from under a livery cab after a deadly crash Tuesday. Her quick-thinking likely saved the baby girl's life.

As seen in horrific surveillance footage, a 17-year-old mother was walking with her daughter in the Bronx borough of New York when the livery cab crashed into the sidewalk, colliding with the mother and trapping the baby under the wheel.

The mother instantly leaped under the cab and pulled her daughter from the wreckage.

According to ABC's New York station WABC, the driver was a 68-year old man who'd suffered a heart attack, smacked into two vehicles and then veered onto the curb, where he hit the mother and daughter.

The driver was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The mother and child sustained minor injuries and are in stable condition, according to WABC.

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