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Most-Expensed Restaurants in the Country

If you had a credit card you never had to pay off, where would you eat? If you had an expense account, wouldn't you dine at the finest restaurants in the country?

Or would you eat at Subway?

Certify, a cloud-based expense reporting provider, released a list of the most frequently expensed restaurants in the nation. The report is based on millions of transactions between Jan. 1 and March 31, 2013.

Starbucks. No doubt our nation's caffeine addiction is catapulting Starbucks to the top pf the list. McDonald's. Also, there're the fast food addiction. And the Dollar Menu. Subway. You better check to make sure that foot-long is really 12 inches! Panera Bread. If you pay-what-you-want, pay a little extra when it's on the company dime. Dunkin' Donuts. Again, caffeine. Chili's. When you read this awesome story of how a Chili's employee fixed an autistic girl's broken cheeseburger, you'll want to eat there too. Wendy's. The fastest food joint of them all. Chick-Fil-A. Controversy can't keep this fast-food-favorite off the list. It may have actually won business. Burger King.The King is getting healthy! There's a turkey burger on the spring menu. Applebee's. A not-so-heartwarming story of how a waitress was fired after posting a customer's receipt invoking God (but no tip) online. Outback Steakhouse. Seems to be the most upscale joint on the list. Here's a recipe for their filet with horseradish crumb crust. Jimmy John's. Never heard of it, but apparently makes gourmet sandwiches. Also Read
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