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Report: Chevy Chase Clashes with 'Community' Creator

It's not a tight-knit community on NBC. There are reports that "Community" star Chevy Chase has had a major falling out with series creator Dan Harmon.

According to Deadline.com, Chase, who plays middle-aged college student Pierce, walked off the set during shooting of the upcoming season finale. Harmon reportedly countered at the show's end-of-season wrap party by giving what Deadline refers to as a "F*** you, Chevy" speech in front of the actor and his wife and daughter. Harmon also encouraged the crew to say "F*** you" to Chase.

Chase left the party and left a profane voicemail message for Harmon in which he aired his grievances. Part of the message has leaked online.

According to Deadline, Chase has walked off the set of "Community" multiple times in the past.

"Community" has not yet been renewed for next season.

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