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Sam Champion Takes On 'GMA' Money Booth

A very excited audience member, nicknamed “Crazy Christy” for her infectious energy, was chosen at random this morning on “Good Morning America” to have the chance to go into the “Jumpstart January” money booth and grab as much cash as possible in thirty seconds.

The Arkansas native bounced around in anticipation, earning her the moniker “coffee with legs” from Josh Elliott. When the time came, she managed to grab an impressive amount of the flying money, and is heading home $203 richer.

After seeing Christy and other audience members enter the money booth all week, Elliott decided to switch it up a bit and challenged Champion to take on the money booth on “GMA LIVE!”

Champion reluctantly entered the booth, after some coaxing from his fellow anchors. Unfortunately, his slim-cut, crisp, button down shirt wasn’t exactly the optimal garment of clothing to successfully stuff the dollar bills. While he didn’t collect as much money as “Crazy Christy,” Champion still found a way to enjoy the experience.

“If the wind hits you just right, it’s a perfect photo,” Champion said.

It’s a good thing he did, because upon closer examination, it turns out the booth was filled with fake money for his turn.

“This is like a trillion fake dollars,” Elliott joked with him. “That’s awesome. You’re a fake trillionaire.”

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