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Santa Delivers Holiday Cheer to Children Living in Areas Hit by Sandy

In his day job, Michael Sciaraffo works as a political consultant. But this holiday season, he decided to take on another role - "Santa Claus."

After superstorm Sandy left parts of New York and New Jersey devastated in October, Sciaraffo, 31, decided to make sure children impacted by the storm would still have a good holiday.

Through the use of social media, he started the Secret Sandy Clause Project to help gather toy donations. He has been delivering toys to children living in impacted areas.

"The goal was to match up each child with a toy that they liked or asked Santa for for Christmas," Sciaraffo told The Associated Press. "We basically tried to pair them up with toys I had in stock."

He hoped to deliver about 1,000 gifts to kids.

"When I was a kid, my toys were very important to me," Sciaraffo told the AP. "That's their security blanket, so to speak. I couldn't sit home and do nothing."

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