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Watch Kittens Re-Enact The Lion King

Get out of your holiday funk. All you need to do is watch this YouTube video of the Broadway hit The Lion King re-enacted by tiny kittens.

The video was created by The Pet Collective and is narrated by an adorable (at least judging by his voice) little boy named Jackson. Jackson sums up the plot in just two minutes. Simba, he explains "is one day going to be the lion king, so he is so excited about that he goes around saying "I juuust can't WAIT to be kiiiing."

We even get to hear a few famous lyrics sang. "It's the ciiircle of liiiife."

Listen for when Jackson calls the hyenas the high-heanas.

The video has over 200,000 views so far. But when you pair a cute kid with adorable kittens, that's to be expected.

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