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World Record for Most Cocktails Made in One Minute Broken on "GMA LIVE!"

New York City bartender Sheldon Wiley set a new world record on “GMA LIVE!” Thursday by making 18 cocktails in one minute. The previous record was 15.

TruTV's "Guinness World Records Gone Wild" judge Stuart Claxton was on hand to make sure all of the rules were followed . “Each cocktail must be made in a long glass,” Claxton said. “The drink must be eight ounces minimum. You can’t make more than one cocktail at each time. And you can only start each cocktail after finishing the previous one.”

“Are you ready?,” Josh Elliott asked.

“I’m ready for my close up!,” Wiley joked.

A 60-second countdown clock started, and Wiley started getting wild behind the bar, flipping bottles to pour each drink as fast as he could. He wore a golf glove to better handle the bottles.“You know these bottles get really sticky, so I learned my lesson the first time in working with syrups. Just a little more grip,” Wiley explained.

All his efforts proved successful, and Claxton verified the new record-breaking total.

“He did it!,” Lara Spencer shouted – and then she sipped one of the winning cocktails.

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