• Syrian parliament speaker says the country will hold presidential elections on June 3

  • Lindsay Lohan's Bombshell: I Suffered a Miscarriage

    Lindsay Lohan made a bombshell announcement on Sunday's episode of her reality TV show, revealing that she suffered a miscarriage during filming.

    "No one knows this … I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off," Lohan admitted. "It's a very long story."

    WATCH: Bombshell Announcement by Lindsay Lohan

    The 27-year-old didn't offer any details about the pregnancy or miscarriage, but discussed the emotional impact during the season finale of "Lindsay" on Oprah Winfrey's OWN network.

    "There was a lot going on in my life then. I cried so many times watching it, because I don't see it as me ... it's strange. It's weird."

  • Teen 'Lucky' to Survive Trip in Plane's Wheel Well

    A 16-year-old boy from California hopped a fence at the San Jose Airport and snuck into the wheel well of a Hawaiian Airlines flight, stowing away for a five-hour flight, FBI spokesman Tom Simon told ABC News.

    Simon said the boy – who ran away from home – passed out inside the unprotected, unpressurized wheel well once the flight got in the air. When the flight landed at Maui Airport at 10:30 a.m. Sunday, the boy was still passed out, Simon said. He did not come to for about an hour.

    VIDEO: Teenager Hitches Flight on Hawaii-Bound Plane

    Ground crews later saw the boy walking around the tarmac, Simon said. He was taken into custody and checked by a doctor and found to have no injuries.

    The boy has not been charged with any federal crimes in Hawaii, Simon said. He’s been turned over to Hawaiian child protective services.

    Alison Croyle, a spokeswoman for Hawaiian Airlines, released a statement, writing, "Our primary concern now is for the well-being of the boy, who is exceptionally

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  • Patrick Farves' smooth moves got him a three-day suspension after he proposed to Nina Davuluri.

  • Saudi health authorities report 3 more deaths, 10 additional cases of MERS virus

  • Lindsay Lohan says on OWN reality series finale she suffered miscarriage during taping

  • Chinese police begin carrying guns on patrols after slashings blamed on Xinjiang separatists

  • Top 3 Foods for a Longer Life

    The ultimate Eat It To Beat It foods are the ones that help you live longer and stay healthy. And there’s been a lot of research in the longevity area recently.

    For starters, a 20-year study from University of California researchers discovered that common sense, good judgment, persistence, and commitment to hard work are some of the personality traits that predict a long life. Another study found that those who sleep 5 to 6.5 hours a night live the longest—they found that less than five hours is not enough sleep and eight hours too much.

    Certain foods can help increase our lifespans, too. Here are three that could help you live longer.

    Red Wine

    Resveratrol is a compound in red wine that comes from grape skins and gives grapes their red color. Recently scientists discovered that resveratrol increases the activity of specific genes called sirtuins that protect against diseases of aging by revving up the mitochondria, the little batteries inside our cells.

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  • Oil Stays Above $104 Amid Ukraine Jitters

    Oil edges down but stays above $104 a barrel amid Ukraine jitters

  • Healing Heartbreak Hill

    Bob Spiner, Jr. has breezed through several 20-mile runs in the past few weeks. The 50-year-old lawyer from Lynbrook, N.Y., has trained a steady 40 to 50 miles a week for the past year and said he is in top physical condition to run this year's Boston Marathon. He's just not sure he's mentally ready.

    "I am emotionally fatigued by all of the new security measures and I'm not convinced I want to put myself through it or my family through it," Spiner said.

    A lot of this year's 36,000 Boston Marathon entrants are wrestling with the same sort of ambivalence. On the one hand they want to be there for their fellow runners and show support for those who died or were injured during last year's bombing. On the other hand, they want to feel safe.

    Boston Marathon organizers acknowledge this emotional dilemma. That's why they've upped the marathon's usual psychological support staff from two to sixty.

    "We'll have mental health professionals in 22 of the 26 medical tents along the route, at the

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