• Despite Success, Debra Messing Says Hollywood Still Sexist

    You would never think an icon like Debra Messing would have trouble finding a great role, but the "Will & Grace" star, 45, said there are still "inequities" in Hollywood when it comes to men and women.

    "It's well-known that it's not equally represented for women. It's just a struggle we are going to try and continue and rectify," she told ABC News. "Whether or not it's above the title, executive producing or directing, or even writer categories."

    She added that even "the best roles" and "stories written" are usually skewed towards men. But Messing is not complaining and having great opportunities in "Will & Grace," "Smash" and now her new show "The Mysteries of Laura," is something she is very thankful for.

    "Having said that there's so much talent out there and I'm always looking for the thing that's going to move me," she added. "There have been obvious disappointments along the road, whether it has been a coveted role, where I'm one of a thousand women who want that role and it's not

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  • Moscow Court Extends Navalny's House Arrest

    Moscow court extends house arrest for Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny instead of jailing him

  • You would never think an icon like Debra Messing would have trouble finding a great role, but the "Will & Grace" star, 45, still said there are "inequities" in Hollywood when it comes to men and women.

  • Puerto Rico seeks high-end investors to help jumpstart economy

  • Southwest Airlines Posts a Record 1Q Profit

    During traditionally slow winter months, Southwest posts a record profit of $152 million in 1Q

  • Abdullah leads in new partial results from Afghan presidential election; full tally due soon

  • Putin: Ukrainian govt. moves against population would be "a very serious crime."

  • TOKYO - President Obama warned more U.S. sanctions on Russia are "teed up and ready to go," signaling that if Russia does not reverse course in eastern Ukraine it will face additional consequences "in days not weeks."

    But even as he threatened further sanctions, Obama acknowledged it is "entirely possible" that new economic penalties will not work to change Russian President Vladimir Putin's calculus on Ukraine.

    "So far the evidence doesn't make me hopeful," Obama said. "Assuming they don't follow through, then we'll follow through on what we said… which is tighter consequences on the Russians."

    Further sanctions, he said, are ready go.

    "We have been preparing for the prospect that we have to engage in further sanctions. Those are teed up," he said, adding that they require "technical work" and coordination with other countries.

    "The fact I haven't announced them yet, doesn't mean they aren't teed up and ready to go," the president said.

    Obama also had tough words for China,

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  • TOKYO - Her father was nearly killed by the Japanese more than 50 years ago. Now, Caroline Kennedy, the new U.S. ambassador to Japan, is bringing history full circle.

    "I think that my story in a way is a great metaphor for the US-Japan alliance," Kennedy told ABC's Jonathan Karl in an interview here. "Countries that were once adversaries and enemies in war are now the best of friends and allies.

    "That I could be here and receive the kind of welcome that I did, I think is an unbelievable tribute to the United States," she added.

    Her father, John F. Kennedy, was nearly killed during World War II when a Japanese destroyer rammed his Navy "patrol torpedo" boat PT 109 sending the crew into the water. He survived. The U.S. and its allies won the war.

    Now, a Kennedy is a celebrated figure on the streets of Tokyo, where she received an almost royal welcome here five months ago.

    "It was really kind of moving for me… to get the kind of welcome and to hear people that are older talk

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  • TOKYO - Caroline Kennedy is endorsing Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 - "if she runs."

    The new U.S. ambassador to Japan endorsed Barack Obama in 2008, calling him an inspirational figure for a "new generation of Americans" akin to her father in 1960.

    "I think he's been a great president. And I think that this rebalanced Asia is a really good example of somebody who's taking the long view, advancing the United States interest," Kennedy told ABC's Jonathan Karl in an interview in Tokyo.

    If Clinton decides to make a bid to succeed him, Kennedy says she's on-board.

    "If she runs," she told ABC News' Jon Karl.

    "I know it sounds like a cliché, but two years is a really long time in politics," she said. "I'm sure she's looking forward to being a grandmother, I know she's got to decide soon. So, so you know I hope so."

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