• Growing size of tourists looking to ride horseback on Western trails means bigger horses

  • Utilities, gold and Treasurys perform the best in 2014 as the stock market stalls

  • Your Top Plays for Today

    Your Top Plays for Today: AP's Sports Guide

  • Saint's chin, liquefying blood: Religious relics tempt and fascinate throughout the ages

  • Bullet-pocked undershirt, unwashed tableware, deathbed linen: John Paul II relics aplenty

  • Unilever: underlying sales up 6.6 percent in first quarter; reported sales fall on euro

  • “Where ‘wow!’ meets ‘meow’” is not Kittyo’s slogan—but it probably should be. The high tech device lets cat owners, when away from home, play with their at-home cat via remote control.“The lives of cat parents who miss interacting with Fluffy while away from home will forever be changed in 2014,” Kittyo’s press release predicts. With the gizmo, a cat parent can talk to, watch, play with, take pictures of and dispense treats to Fluffy.The stylish, cylindrical unit stands 9 inches tall and looks something like a cinch-waisted coffee maker. Its upper-half contains a laser, video camera and audio speaker. Its lower-half contains a treat-dispenser. Once the Kittyo owner has downloaded a free app, connected to wifi and set a password, he or she can operate Kittyo via any Android- or iOS-enabled smartphone.

  • China court frees Japanese freight boat after owner pays debt dating back more than 7 decades

  • Afghan police guard opens fire in Kabul hospital, kills 3 foreigners, including a doctor

  • Former soldier testifies that teenage brothers in Iraq posed no threat before killing


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