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$73,000 Dog Vacation Is World's 'Most Spectacular'

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$73,000 Dog Vacation Is World's 'Most Spectacular'

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What to do with the family dog when vacation time comes is a common conundrum. Most dogs end up in a kennel. Some with a family friend. Just one will end up on a $73,000 luxury vacation of its own.

In conjunction with the Paw Seasons luxury dog hotel in Bristol, England,, a company specializing in one-of-a-kind luxury experiences, has unveiled the "Most Spectacular Luxury Dog Holiday" package for one -- and only one -- very pampered pup.

"There were so many strands that needed to come together to make this happen, it seemed to make sense to offer it to just one lucky pooch," said founder Marcel Knobil.

Besides luxury accommodations, the package includes surfing lessons, reiki sessions, grooming at Harrod's, a luxury wardrobe and more.

So who is the target customer?

"It'll definitely be an individual or couple who enjoy an extravagant lifestyle. While they go off to the Caribbean they want their pet to have an equally enjoyable, extravagant stay where they are," Knobil said. "It's for those who enjoy the finer things in life and have a sense of humor. They have a soft spot for their dog and want them to have the best time possible."

Looking for something slightly less expensive for your dog this summer? Check out

Highlights of the Spectacular Luxury Dog Holiday include:

Chauffeured ride for the dog by the Paw Season's hotel driver

Suite, including a screen showing dog favorites ("Lassie," "101 Dalmatians") accompanied by dog-friendly popcorn

Bespoke crafted doghouse replicating the dog's own home by Bespoke Impact

Personal chef – responsible for a daily menu consisting of doggy favorites

Local beach and countryside walks with Billy + Margot ice cream (suitable for vegetarian dogs) and games

Running session with 400m hurdles World Champion Dai Greene

Surfing lesson courtesy of Surf South West

Day with author and TV dog behavior expert Stan Rawlinson, the "Doglistener"

Reiki sessions with practitioner Rob Fellow (Master Teacher Member of the U.K. Reiki Federation)

Grooming at the Pet Spa at Harrods, including aromatherapy bath and body message; wash and fluff dry, and pedicure

Luxury wardrobe, including Louis Vuitton collar; Bottega Veneta lead and Mulberry rain coat

Solid bronze car mascot of the dog as well as a portrait by artist Jo Chambers the dog's owners

Updates throughout holiday via Facebook and YouTube

So far, no takers. But Knobil's not worried. It took a bit of time to get momentum behind the "World's Most Expensive Vacation" it offered in March. Then there was "loads of interest," Knobil said. One couple is confirmed for the trip.

"We're pretty hopeful. We know it's extravagant, but it's a fabulous time for the dog and benefits two very good causes" -- $10,000 of the package will be split between two charities: Cancer Research U.K. and Battersea Dogs Home.

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