• 'Grey's Anatomy' Cast Was 'Starstruck' by Denzel Washington as Director

    Though the cast has seen plenty of famous faces during its 12-year run, they couldn't help but be "starstruck" by the Oscar winner, actress Sarah Drew said. Drew, who plays Dr. April Kepner, told ABC News, "He's a powerhouse, and it was really exciting to get the chance and opportunity to work…

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  • Mom Saved Son's Handwritten Note With Predictions for 2016 and They're Not That Far Off

    When Christopher Janitz turned 29 yesterday, he had no idea the surprise present he’d be receiving from his sentimental mother: A school assignment he wrote 20 years ago predicting what the year 2016 would be like. “She said, ‘This is something I've been hanging on to for the past 20 years,’”…

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  • Final 'Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice' Trailer Ramps Up the Action

    We’ve already had two trailers for "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice."With just over a month to go before the movie’s release, a new and final trailer has been unveiled. The emphasis this time is clearly on action.Set to a guitar-driven rock soundtrack, the first thirty seconds of footage…

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  • $500 Ambulance Bill Charged to Tamir Rice's Estate Withdrawn

    The estate of Tamir Rice will not be required to pay a $500 ambulance bill for which the city of Cleveland, Ohio, had filed a claim in court. Cleveland officials said today the bill had been automatically generated and that the claim has now been closed. Rice was shot dead by a Cleveland police…

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  • Lady Antebellum Singer Charles Kelly and His Wife Welcome a Son

    Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley is now officially a daddy.He and his wife, Cassie, welcomed Ward Charles Kelley at 9:20 a.m. Thursday in Nashville, according to Cassie’s Womanista blog.“We can’t stop staring at him and he hasn’t stopped chitchatting with us since he arrived,” the couple said.…

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  • Meryl Streep Faces Backlash for 'We're All Africans' Comment

    Meryl Streep is facing backlash for diversity-related comments she made at the Berlin International Film Festival. When asked about the lack of diversity on the panel, Streep said that she was committed to equality and inclusion "of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions," then pointed to the…

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  • Mom Pens Heartbreaking Letter to 4-Year-Old Daughter Who Died of Cancer

    A Virginia mom is hoping to raise awareness of pediatric cancer by sharing a tearful video of herself reading a letter she wrote to her recently deceased daughter. "The day that she passed, I wrote it that morning - after I got back from the hospital," Lindsay Rhoades, of Herndon, Virginia, told…

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  • WWE Star Daniel Bryan's Retirement Draws Attention to Concussion Dangers

    Wrestling star Daniel Bryan announced his retirement Monday, citing multiple concussions he sustained over his 16-year career. Speaking at a WWE event, he revealed that doctors had already found evidence that repeated head injuries had affected his brain. "Within the first five months of my…

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  • Blind Man Finds Independence in Google Car's Driver Seat

    The ride Steve Mahan took in one of Google's self-driving cars is one he will never forget. U.S. officials will now allow the artificial intelligence system responsible for piloting self-driving cars to be considered the driver, according to a letter dated from last week from the National Highway…

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  • 'The Bachelor' Contestant Olivia Caridi Jokes About Her Elimination

    But getting dumped on national television and then left alone on an island in the rain while your ex walks off with another woman is even tougher. Still, after that happened to Olivia Caridi on "The Bachelor," she's managed to laugh about the experience, joking on Instagram that a friend rented a…

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  • What to Expect From Kanye West's New Album, 'The Life of Pablo'

    West has already tweeted that fans can expect "the best album of all time." Whether or not that turns out to be true, the editor-in-chief of VIBE, Datwon Thomas, told ABC News fans can expect something fresh.

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  • Canadian Woman Dogsleds to Tim Hortons for Coffee in Snowstorm

    A Canadian woman took matters into her own hands last week when it seemed a snowstorm was going to stop her from getting coffee.Allyson Mitton, who lives near Sussex, New Brunswick, hitched her two border collies, Shift and Braya, to a sled and rode with them more than two miles into town to get…

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  • Justin Bieber's Rumored Girlfriend Hailey Baldwin Clarifies Their Relationship

    Model Hailey Baldwin has broken her silence -- yet again -- about her seemingly steamy relationship with Justin Bieber. Bieber, 21, and Baldwin, 19, were first romantically linked in 2014 -- with Baldwin claiming their relationship was platonic -- but a new round of rumors kicked off last month. …

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  • 'Scandal' Stars Reveal 5 Plot Secrets Before Winter Premiere

    Olivia Pope and her Gladiators are back! Political fixer Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is known for her fondness of all-white ensembles. Washington revealed she was shocked when she saw the wardrobe changes in the script.

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  • Zika Virus Outbreak Updates: USOC Hires Infectious Disease Specialists

    The Zika virus outbreak continues to spread throughout the Western Hemisphere and concerns are growing for pregnant women because the mosquito-borne virus has been linked with a serious birth defect called microcephaly, characterized by an abnormally small head and brain in infants. The U.S.…

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  • Channing Tatum's Energy Secret: An Amazonian Leaf That 'Brings the Force of the Jungle Inside You'

    "They got up before the light and they start brewing Guayusa and they do it to create community and to talk to their young and so their elders can pass on their stories," Tatum said. Tyler Gage was a college student when he first tasted Guayusa 11 years ago while visiting in the Amazon.

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  • Albert Einstein Was Right: Scientists Detect Gravitational Waves

    In one of the most significant experimental findings in recent years, scientists announced today they have detected gravitational waves, vibrations of space and time, proving Einstein was right 100 years after he first predicted their existence. David Reitze, the executive director of LIGO, the…

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