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  • Photographer Gives Shelter Dogs a Makeover to Help Them Find Homes

    For her Shelter Pets Project, photographer Tammy Swarek is dressing up the rescue dogs at her local animal shelter, the Union County Animal Protection Society in El Dorado, Arkansas, to help them find homes. Together with her partner, Tammy Michael, Swarek puts the dogs in fun, creative outfits.

    Good Morning America34 mins ago
  • Celebrities Take to Social Media to Express Condolences After Gene Wilder's Death

    Celebrities have taken to social media following the death of comedic actor Gene Wilder. The two-time Oscar-nominated actor, known for his roles in "The Producers," "Blazing Saddles" and "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory," died today in his Connecticut home, his family confirmed to ABC News. …

    Good Morning America41 mins ago
  • 'Willy Wonka' Star Gene Wilder Dead at 83

    Comedy great Gene Wilder has died of complications from Alzheimer's disease, his family confirmed to ABC News. "It is with indescribable sadness and blues, but with spiritual gratitude for the life lived that I announce the passing of husband, parent, and universal artist Gene Wilder, at his home…

    Good Morning America46 mins ago
  • Why Parents Aren't Vaccinating Their Kids, According to New Study

    The belief that vaccines cause autism -- which has been debunked by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, among others -- is no longer the primary reason parents are refusing vaccines for their children, according to a new study today from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). …

    Good Morning America46 mins ago
  • Great Britain's Iconic Phone Booth Becomes Full-Service Coffee Shop

    In this age of the cell phone, Britain’s iconic red phone booths are quickly disappearing from the streets. Originally designed by Giles Gilbert Scott in the 1920s, the red booths were a 20th-century necessity of life. But some imaginative people are saving these noble edifices, their beloved…

    Good Morning America46 mins ago
  • White House Objects to NFL QB Colin Kaepernick's Protest of 'Star-Spangled Banner'

    The White House today called NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest of “The Star-Spangled Banner” “objectionable,” but defended his constitutional right to demonstrate. Prior to San Francisco’s Friday night preseason loss to the Green Bay Packers, the 49ers’ player remained seated between two…

    Good Morning America58 mins ago
  • Taylor Swift Reports for Jury Duty in Nashville

    While the rest of the music world was at the VMAs, Taylor Swift was gearing up to perform her civic duty.Swift reported for jury duty in Nashville, Tennessee, today, ABC News has confirmed. She did not attend the awards show Sunday night.The singer's courthouse appearance was certainly a pleasant…

    Good Morning America
  • Active Shooter Report Delays Flights, Spreads Alarm at LAX

    Reports of an active shooter brought a scene of chaos to Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday night, bringing travel to a halt and causing delays to pile up into Monday morning. "Due to initial reports of an active shooter in Terminal eight at LAX, passengers in several LAX terminals…

    Good Morning America
  • Feds Clear Commercial Drones for Takeoff: What You Need to Know

    A new era took flight today as the Federal Aviation Administration introduced new rules for commercial drone use.No longer do businesses need to be granted special permission from regulators on a case-by-case basis. In the next year, the FAA estimates that more than 600,000 commercial drones will…

    Good Morning America
  • Comparing High-Price and Low-Cost Haircuts

    To find out, "Good Morning America" enlisted the help of best friends Mara and Marissa, college sophomores from Long Beach, California, who both wanted to shorten and shape their long, brunette tresses. We arranged for the friends to have their hair cut at two salons with wildly different price…

    Good Morning America
  • Shonda Rhimes Guest-Edits Good Housekeeping's List of 25 Awesome Women

    Next month, Good Housekeeping magazine will publish its annual list of 25 Awesome Women. Guest edited by super producer Shonda Rhimes, this year’s list includes a diverse array of women, from those who are making a difference in their communities to famous women who are using their platform to…

    Good Morning America
  • Huma Abedin Announces Split From Anthony Weiner

    Huma Abedin, a top aide to Hillary Clinton, announced today that she is separating from her husband, disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner. The announcement comes in the wake of the latest allegations of Weiner sending lewd messages to a woman online which were revealed by The New York Post…

    Good Morning America
  • 'The Light Between Oceans' Star Alicia Vikander Discusses Emotional Role in Upcoming Film

    Alicia Vikander is enjoying an impressive breakout year. From her Oscar-winning performance in "The Danish Girl," to starring in the summer blockbuster hit "Jason Bourne," the Swedish star has taken her place among Hollywood's hottest actresses. Vikander's upcoming role in "The Light Between…

    Good Morning America
  • How to Make It Work When Your Millennial Moves Back Home

    There are a growing number of parents that still support their adult children who live at home. Ramona Emerson, 29, made a decision to leave the New York magazine industry after five years and move in with her parents, Sharon and Charlie Emerson.

    Good Morning America
  • Happy Birthday to the King of Pop!

    Today marks what would have been the 58th birthday of Michael Joseph Jackson, born Aug. 29, 1958. The King of Pop began his career as a young child, performing with his brothers in the Jackson 5. His fifth solo studio album, "Off The Wall," earned him his first Grammy Award, for Soul/R&B Album.

    Good Morning America
  • Tropical Depression 9 Takes Aim at Florida

    A tropical depression has taken aim at Florida and is expected to become a tropical storm by tonight, bringing heavy rain to the Sunshine State over the next few days. Tropical Depression 9 has brought torrential rains over West Cuba, according to the National Hurricane Center. The tropical…

    Good Morning America
  • NJ Transit Cop Risks Life to Save Man on Train Tracks in Shocking Video

    After he jumped onto the tracks to rescue a man while a train headed towards them, a veteran New Jersey Transit cop is being praised by police for putting his life on the line. NJ Transit Police Officer Victor Ortiz usually works the overnight shift, ending at 7 a.m. But he happened to be working…

    Good Morning America