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  • Guinea Pigs Share Adorable 'Lady and the Tramp' Moment

    In the movies, slow motion is reserved for gigantic explosions, death-defying stunts and occasionally “Baywatch” beach running.But today, get ready for slo-mo cuteness featuring two guinea pigs.Cat Outsmarts His Owner, Enters House Using Door Handle‘Klepto Kitty’ Goes Viral For Stealing Neighbors’…

    Good Morning America28 mins ago
  • How to Double Your Money Every 4 Years

    In a recent study, a group of University professors show how 539 individual investors were able to consistently double their money every 3.5 years.

  • Sandra Bullock's Biggest Concern for Her Son Louis

    Meanwhile, her 5-year-old adopted son has forced Bullock to grow up. "I don’t feel like I was an adult till about five years ago," she told her "Our Brand Is Crisis" co-star Zoe Kazan, who interviewed her for the magazine. Bullock's high-profile divorce from her ex, "Monster Garage" host Jesse…

    Good Morning America38 mins ago
  • Rihanna Thought She Could Change Chris Brown: 'I Was That Girl'

    Rihanna admits she made a mistake getting back with her ex Chris Brown after he pleaded guilty to assaulting her in 2009."I was that girl," she told Vanity Fair's November cover story about their brief reconciliation."That girl who felt that as much pain as this relationship is, maybe some people…

    Good Morning America38 mins ago
  • Dog Survives Gunshot to Head During Burglary of Owner's Home in Florida

    A five-year-old dog recently survived being shot in the head during a burglary at his owner's home in St. Petersburg, Florida. The Rhodesian Ridgeback named Anubis had the bullet -- which went through his skin, grazed his skull and lodged in his neck -- removed today by Dr. Andrea Smith, a…

    Good Morning America
  • Texas Mother Who Sparked Change to Textbook 'Downplaying Slavery' Believes 'More Needs to Be Done'

    A Texas mother recently sparked McGraw-Hill Education to plan revisions to a textbook that she said was "downplaying slavery" by including African slaves in a chapter on "immigrants" to America and explaining that they came "to work on agricultural plantations" in a caption. The following day,…

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  • Man Creates Homemade Video Game to Propose to Girlfriend

    One video game enthusiast took his relationship to the next level with a video game proposal that is now going viral. Austin Piech of Covington, Ky., proposed to his girlfriend Lauren Woodrick in May through a custom-made video game, and he got the whole thing on camera. Piech's original plan was…

    Good Morning America
  • Paul McCartney Drops New Music Video for Remixed 'Say Say Say'

    Sir Paul McCartney not only released a remix of his 1983 hit with Michael Jackson "Say Say Say," but also a new music video to go with it. The new song was created earlier this year after McCartney heard an instrumental version of the song created by DJ John "Jellybean" Benitez. “Paul remembered…

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  • El Faro Cargo Ship: New Debris Found In Search for Sunken Vessel and Survivors

    The Coast Guard just released new pictures of debris found during today's search for survivors from the sunken cargo ship El Faro. Fedor said that the rescuers were being called to other reports of signs of life, so after checking that the individual was deceased, they moved on in hopes of saving…

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  • This California Lawn Painter Makes 'Every Game a Home Game'

    A California resident is giving football fans a creative way to cheer on their favorite team: through painted lawn logos. Fontana resident Randolph Phillips started this side business in 2009 when the Saints went to the Super Bowl, he told ABC News today. Phillips was living in Louisiana at the…

    Good Morning America
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Devices Event: Everything You Need to Know

    Ten weeks after the software update, Microsoft said more than 110 million people have upgraded. The company then jumped into a two-hour briefing, showing off its latest devices designed for Windows 10, including new computers, smartphones and an update to its sensor-rich wearable, the Microsoft…

    Good Morning America
  • Will Smith Plans to Tour Next Summer With DJ Jazzy Jeff

    After surprising fans with his first new music in a decade, Will Smith just revealed that he's planning to hit the road next summer with none other than DJ Jazzy Jeff. "They keep pulling me back in," Smith told radio host Zane Lowe on Lowe's Beats 1 radio show, about his return to his musical…

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  • New Tires Now

    Don't wait for new tires. We help you find the perfect tire based on the car you drive and where you live. Fast & free shipping to a local tire shop.

  • Mom Says Flight Attendant Shamed Her for Using Breast Pump in Plane Bathroom

    A Phoenix woman said she felt embarrassed after she was reprimanded by a flight attendant on a recent flight. Mariana Hannaman, who was traveling aboard an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Phoenix, told Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV that she was reprimanded by a flight attendant for pumping…

    Good Morning America
  • Mother Suing Carlsbad, California Over Alleged Police Assault

    A mother is suing the city of Carlsbad, California, after she says police allegedly assaulted her in front of her children on the way home from a birthday party in 2013. The 2013 incident was caught on cell phone video and shows officers pinning Cindy Hahn during the arrest. Her lawyer, Mark…

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  • Dams Breached, Bridges Collapse Amid South Carolina Flooding

    While rain has stopped falling in South Carolina, the deadly storm continues to bring devastation, with numerous dams breached and damage expected to top $1 billion. President Obama has signed a disaster declaration for federal aid to help with recovery efforts, and more than 1,300 National Guard…

    Good Morning America
  • Expedia Ranks the Most-Annoying Hotel Guests You'll Encounter on Vacation

    If you don't recognize any of these annoying hotel guests, perhaps you're one of them.Guilty of letting your kids run wild on vacation? Congratulations, you are the most annoying hotel guest of all, according to Expedia 2015 Hotel Etiquette Study.Airline Kindness: Amazing Gesture of Stranger…

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  • Kris Jenner Talks About Her Relationship Now With Caitlyn

    Viewers watched on Sunday as the Kardashian family was not too happy with Caitlyn Jenner's comments in her Vanity Fair article, which came out earlier this summer. Caitlyn Jenner's ex Kris, in particular, was very upset with how she was made to look.

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  • Halloween 2015: Top Costume Trends

    October is here -- and that means that it is officially time to begin thinking about your Halloween costume! According to new data from Pinterest, the National Retail Federation and Halloween costume retailer Spirit Halloween, this year's hottest costume trends include big-name superheroes, fairy…

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