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  • ‘DWTS’ 2016 Celebrity Cast Revealed: Ryan Lochte, Amber Rose, Rick Perry Among Star Lineup

    Olympic gold medalists Ryan Lochte and Laurie Hernandez are joining the celebrity cast of season 23 of ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars.”The pair appeared live on "GMA" this morning with their pro partners. Val Chmerkovskiy, whose partner last season was “Good Morning America” chief meteorologist…

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  • Ryan Lochte Says He 'Made a Mistake' in Rio Robbery Claim, Moving Forward on 'Dancing With the Stars'

    U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte said he made a "big mistake" when he claimed to have been held up at gunpoint during the Rio Olympics but that he thinks the reaction to the scandal that also implicated three of his U.S. Swimming teammates is "everyone blowing this way out of proportion.""Like I…

    Good Morning America32 mins ago
  • Spend or Splurge? Comparing Low-Cost, Natural and Designer Deodorants

    Deodorant: It costs a few bucks at the drug store, you swipe it on after a shower and that’s it, right? Deodorant is a $4 billion business and growing, partly because brands that advertise themselves as “natural” are selling faster than ever and because designers are jumping into the category. To…

    Good Morning America34 mins ago
  • Olympian Reunites With Girl Who Returned Stolen Gold Medal

    The young girl who found and returned a stolen Olympic gold medal got to meet its rightful owner on Monday, reports WSB-TV Atlanta, a local ABC affiliate. Seven-year-old Chloe Smith found the medal in a pile of trash while out walking with her father and returned it to Olympic canoe racer Joe…

    Good Morning America38 mins ago
  • Tropical Depressions Churn as Hurricane Season Peaks, and a Swimmer Drowns

    Tropical depressions continue to churn in the Atlantic Ocean, bringing with them fears of hurricanes along the coast. So far, the depressions do not pose an urgent threat to any land mass, but Hurricane Gaston, a storm likely to finish its course in the Atlantic, has created rip currents…

    Good Morning America41 mins ago
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  • A Look Back at Anthony Weiner's Sexting Scandals

    News of Huma Abedin's intention to leave Anthony Weiner came quickly on Monday, after yet another lurid photo -- allegedly sent by the former congressmen to a female companion -- became public. But scandals have dogged Weiner and dragged his wife, an aide to democratic presidential candidate…

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  • Clinton on Debates: 'I Don't Know Which Donald Trump Will Show Up'

    "I do not know which Donald Trump will show up," Hillary Clinton told donors at a private fundraiser in East Hampton, New York. Then, Clinton asked attendees for tips on how to face their fellow New Yorker. “I want any of your thoughts or ideas about how I should debate Donald Trump, just to name…

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  • How Violence in Chicago Compares to Other Cities

    The killing of NBA star Dwyane Wade's cousin Nykea Aldridge, who was caught in crossfire as she walked her newborn on Chicago's South Side, has brought more attention to the widespread violence in the Midwest's largest city. The statistics on such slayings in Chicago are staggering. The nation's…

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  • Fired Manager Corey Lewandowski Still Involved in Donald Trump Campaign

    As Donald Trump arrived in Manchester, New Hampshire, for a rally a week ago, he stepped out of his motorcade and was greeted by a familiar face: Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski had been fired in late-June after serving as Trump’s first campaign manager. Given the internal fighting, Trump’s losing…

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  • Gene Wilder Dies at 83: Late Actor's Best 5 Roles

    This 1974 Western satire directed by Mel Brooks features Wilder as Jim, the "Waco Kid" in a town that gets its first black sheriff. In this 1971 classic, Wilder transforms into the iconic character of Willy Wonka, whose quotes and quirks have continued to puzzle and inspire people who watch the…

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  • Photographer Gives Shelter Dogs a Makeover to Help Them Find Homes

    For her Shelter Pets Project, photographer Tammy Swarek is dressing up the rescue dogs at her local animal shelter, the Union County Animal Protection Society in El Dorado, Arkansas, to help them find homes. Together with her partner, Tammy Michael, Swarek puts the dogs in fun, creative outfits.

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  • White House Objects to NFL QB Colin Kaepernick's Protest of 'Star-Spangled Banner'

    The White House today called NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s protest of “The Star-Spangled Banner” “objectionable,” but defended his constitutional right to demonstrate. Prior to San Francisco’s Friday night preseason loss to the Green Bay Packers, the 49ers’ player remained seated between two…

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  • Generic EpiPen Could Still Be Costly for Families

    The pharmaceutical company criticized for increasing the price of the EpiPen announced today that it will create a generic version of the emergency allergy treatment that will cost about $300 for a pack of two injectors and will be available within a few weeks. Mylan Pharmaceuticals' EpiPen, by…

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  • Active Shooter Report Delays Flights, Spreads Alarm at LAX

    Reports of an active shooter brought a scene of chaos to Los Angeles International Airport on Sunday night, bringing travel to a halt and causing delays to pile up into Monday morning. "Due to initial reports of an active shooter in Terminal eight at LAX, passengers in several LAX terminals…

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  • Feds Clear Commercial Drones for Takeoff: What You Need to Know

    A new era took flight today as the Federal Aviation Administration introduced new rules for commercial drone use.No longer do businesses need to be granted special permission from regulators on a case-by-case basis. In the next year, the FAA estimates that more than 600,000 commercial drones will…

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