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  • Blue Moon: What Makes It So Special

    There's a reason why "once in a blue moon" is a saying and tonight will prove it. A blue moon is defined as any time there is a second full moon during a calendar month, according to NASA. A truly blue colored moon can occur on rare occasions, according to NASA, with most being spotted after…

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  • MH370 Probe: Man Describes Finding Piece That Could Unravel Missing Jet Mystery

    Johnny Begue and his friend were out looking for stones earlier this week on Reunion Island when he stumbled upon a piece of an airplane wing washed up on the sand."I asked my friend to come help pick it up. First we thought that we'd use it as a piece of decoration and then we thought because it's…

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  • This 19-Year-Old Will Spend the Next 25 Years as a Registered Sex Offender

    When Les and Amanda Anderson went to pick up their son from a county jail in St. Joseph, Michigan, it was the first time they had seen him in two and half months. “I was thinking just coming up here it’s like he shouldn’t be here,” Les Anderson said. Since his release last month, their son Zach…

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  • Angry Birds 2: What Makes This Version Different

    Angry Birds are taking flight once again. The latest edition, Angry Birds 2, includes everything players loved about the first game, with some additional surprises including sharper graphics, multi-stage levels and if you can believe it, even more destruction.

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  • Meet the Thieves in This Multi-Million Dollar Cross-Country Jewel Heist Ring

    But thanks to social media and the crew's unquenchable thirst for cold, hard cash, police were able to track down and nab the thieves. If they would have just stuck to the plan but not showed the money off publicly, we might still be trying to figure out who they are right now,” Portland Police…

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  • US Officials Want Dentist Who Admitted to Killing Cecil the Lion to Contact Them 'Immediately'

    "The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is investigating the circumstances surrounding the killing of 'Cecil the lion,'" the agency told ABC News in a statement today. "At this point in time, however, multiple efforts to contact Dr. Walter Palmer have been unsuccessful.

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  • How Ronda Rousey Got Over Her Body Issues

    Ronda Rousey recently posed in Sports Illustrated for its swimsuit issue. Instead of dropping weight like most do before stripping down and putting on a bikini, the champion MMA fighter decided to pack on a few pounds."I felt like I was much too small for a magazine that is supposed to be…

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  • Tonkey the Teddy Bear-Looking Dog Is So Adorable It Hurts

    Meet Tonkey, a 4-month-old bear coat Shar Pei that is almost so adorable it hurts. The cute canine hails from Edmonton, Canada, where she lives with her owners Christine Park and boyfriend, Dave Ngu. Park and Ngu didn’t even know bear coats existed until doing their research to adopt a Shar Pei.

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  • Officer Ray Tensing Released on Bail After Arraignment on Murder Charges in Death of Samuel DuBose

    Police Officer Ray Tensing, who is accused of murdering Samuel DuBose during a traffic stop in Cincinnati, was released Thursday evening hours after his arraignment on a murder indictment. Tensing, 25, was indicted Wednesday on one count of murder and one count of voluntary manslaughter for the…

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  • Christina Applegate: Why She Wasn't Interested in 'Legally Blonde'

    Though Christina Applegate clarified on Wednesday that she was never offered the role of Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde," the actress did admit the script came her way and she wasn't interested. Applegate told Entertainment Tonight that she was sent the script "right after I had just finished,…

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  • 18-Foot-Long Burmese Python Weighing 133 Pounds Caught in Florida Everglades

    A massive female Burmese python -- 18 feet 3 inches long and 133 pounds heavy -- was recently discovered and caught in the Everglades National Park in Florida, according to U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) officials. The "big gal" is not a record-breaker, though she's only three inches shy of the…

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  • 'Ghost Woman and Her Baby': Photo Shows Mysterious Figure in Window

    This woman's photo of her with friends in her hometown of Wem in Shropshire, U.K., looks ordinary until you look closely at the window behind them. "I truly believe there is a ghost woman and her baby in that window," Natasha Oliver, 22, told ABC News.

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  • MH370 Search: Tattered Suitcase Recovered Near Washed-Up Wreckage

    Just hours after a recovering what appeared to be part of a Boeing 777 -- debris investigators believe could be connected to the MH370 investigation -- a worker stumbled upon what looked to be a tattered piece of luggage on the same beach. Johny Bègue, credited with spotting the airplane debris in…

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  • How Kelly Ripa Broke Her Foot

    Kelly Ripa surprised fans on "Live" today when she limped out on the stage and told her audience she had broken her left foot."I'm like maybe no one will notice," she joked.Read: Kelly Ripa Explains Her Drastic New Hair StyleKelly Ripa on Justin Bieber: 'This Is a Cry for Help'Why Justin Bieber…

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  • Valerie Harper Taken to Hospital in Maine as a Precaution after Feeling Ill

    The 75-year-old actress, diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013, has been featured in the Ogunquit Playhouse's "Nice Work If You Can Get It" and "after reporting that she was not feeling well" last night, she went in for for precautionary reasons. Cheryl Farley, director of publicity at the…

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  • Photo of Connecticut Police Officer Fixing Young Boy's Bike Goes Viral

    A Connecticut police officer is the star of a now-viral photo and he is the most surprised of anyone. Police officer Michael Castillo, of Ansonia, Conn., was captured on camera Monday in his uniform, down on bended knee helping a group of boys fix the chain on one of their bicycles. Castillo, 27,…

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  • MH370 Probe: Part Number on Debris from Indian Ocean Consistent With 777, Official Says

    The piece of an airplane that washed ashore on a small French island near Madagascar yesterday appears to come from a 777, Boeing engineers believe, because of a part number in a photo of the wreckage, a U.S. official familiar with the investigation into told ABC News. Investigators are treating…

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