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Arias Trial: Victim's Ex Testifies He Was Not Abusive

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Arias Trial: Victim's Ex Testifies He Was Not Abusive

Jodi Arias cried as images of her head in the lap of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and Alexander kissing her were shown at her murder trial.

But Arias showed no emotion Tuesday as another former girlfriend described her years dating Alexander and told the court that Alexander was never verbally or physically abusive to her.

It was an emotional day on both sides of the Phoenix courtroom Tuesday.

Arias, who has cried often during the nearly four month long trial, had to wipe away tears again when a video played showing her with her head in Alexander's lap and a photo was displayed of Alexander kissing her.

They were shown as prosecutor Juan Martinez questioned Jacob Mefford, who was a close friend of Alexander's and shot video of him with a group of coworkers the year before he was killed. Mefford testified that the blond woman in Alexander's lap was Arias.

"How often were they affectionate?" Martinez asked.

"Just about every time they were together," Mefford said.

Arias' defense attorney Kirk Nurmi countered by asking if Mefford knew that the couple was having a sexual relationship. He said he did not.

The defense has painted Arias as Alexander's "dirty little secret" who he would rarely acknowledge in public and who became increasingly sexually demanding and physically and verbally abusive in the months before he was killed. The trial has described raunchy sex, despite Alexander's Mormon religion which prohibits sex before marriage.

Arias, 32, is accused of killing Alexander, 30, in his Mesa, Ariz., home in 2008. She initially denied killing Alexander, but claimed two years later that she killed him in self-defense. She could face the death penalty if convicted of first degree murder.

Alexander's sisters also wept in court as Martinez questioned ex-girlfriend Deanna Reid. Her testimony was clearly intended to rehab Alexander's image as a non-abusive boyfriend.

"At any point did he become physical such as throwing you down, put his hands on you in any way, shape or form?" Martinez asked.

"Absolutely not," Reid replied.

"Did he curse at you in any way?" Martinez prodded.

"No, he did not," Reid answered.

Reid said she dated Alexander for several months before she went to Costa Rica in 2000 to serve a Mormon mission. The couple broke up while she was away. Reid said they broke up again about three years later because Alexander wasn't ready for marriage, while she wanted to settle down. They remained friends until his death, she said.

"Would he ever call you names?" Martinez asked Reid.

"No he did not," she replied.

Nurmi's response was a volley of blunt questions that began, "Did he ask you to wear an outfit like that?" showing a maid costume.

When Reid said, "No," Nurmi continued by asking if Alexander had ever told her she was the "ultimate slut" in bed, ever called her a "whore," along with several other crudely worded questions that Alexander had allegedly said to Arias during their relationship.

"You must have had a different relationship than he did with Ms. Arias," Nurmi said, prompting Martinez to object.

A hearing is set for today regarding the motion by Arias' defense team to allow another expert witness to take the stand to rebut testimony by prosecution witness Dr. Janeen DeMarte.

Last week, DeMarte diagnosed Arias with borderline personality disorder and rejected testimony that was a victim of domestic abuse and the defense's diagnosis that she had post traumatic stress disorder. Arias' defense team says the personality disorder is new information introduced to the trial and it gives them the right to call another witness to rebut it even though they rested their case last week.

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