15-Foot Pink Poodle Delivers Diamond Ring to Mud Pit Proposal

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As if getting engaged isn't exciting enough, try throwing in a 15-foot pink poodle, a mud pit and a very special diamond ring into the mix.

On May 4, Erin Alexander, of Baltimore, Md., got the surprise of a lifetime with one of the wackiest proposals we've ever seen.

Her fiancé, Bob Keefer, 38, asked for her hand in marriage with a diamond ring personally delivered by Fifi, a giant human-powered pink poodle sculpture, at the 15 th annual Kinetic Sculpture Race where the couple had met two years earlier as volunteers.

"I knew the poodle was coming because it races every year, but normally they don't get stuck in the mud, which it did," Alexander told GoodMorningAmerica.com. "Then Bob ripped off his top t-shirt to expose his tuxedo shirt underneath and I was like, 'What is going on?' Then he walked over to the poodle and they handed him the ring."

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It was there, in the middle of the mud pit portion of the race, Keefer took a knee while wearing his previously hidden tuxedo shirt, and completely shocked Alexander with a ring he had personally designed for her containing one of her great-grandmother's diamonds.

"My great-grandmother left her engagement ring to my mom, who then was giving it to Bob for me, so one of those stones is in it," Alexander explained. "It's freaking beautiful."

The American Visionary Arts Museum puts on the race every year, comprised of human-powered works of art which are designed to travel on land, through mud and over water.

The fluffy poodle, Fifi , is a famous attraction at the museum that has been taking part in the race since 2000, so Keefer secretly arranged to have the pup in on the surprise.

"I thought about [Alexander] telling the story to her friends later on, and I decided a 15-foot pink poodle would be a better story for her to tell than a 40-foot platypus, which was the other option," said Keefer.

The newly engaged couple has plans to wed next fall.

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