"GMA" is #1 for the Week and Posts Largest Margins Over NBC's "Today" Since February

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"GMA" Tops "Today" by Nearly a Million Total Viewers and 225,000 Adults 25-54

"GMA" Grows Significantly Year-to-Year: +20% in Total Viewers and +16% Among Adults 25-54

ABC News' "Good Morning America" finished as the week's No. 1 morning newscast in Total Viewers (5.225 million) and Adults 25-54 (1.868 million) for the week of August 5, 2013, according to Nielsen Media Research. "GMA" outdelivered NBC's "Today" (4.260 million and 1.643 million, respectively) by +965,000 Total Viewers and by +225,000 Adults 25-54. In fact, "GMA" led the No. 2-ranked "Today Show" by its largest margins in more than 5 months in both measures - since w/o 2/25/13. Additionally, GoodMorningAmerica.com on Yahoo! reached 22 million users last month. It is the No. 1 morning news website and beats Today.com by millions of users each month.

"GMA" has ranked No. 1 in Total Viewers in all 45 weeks of the season, matching its highest number of No. 1 finishes during a television season in 21 years - since the 1991-92 season. In addition, the ABC morning newscast has ranked No. 1 every week in Total Viewers for nearly a year (the last 51 weeks - since w/o 8/13/12). "GMA's" 51 consecutive weeks at the top stand as its longest stretch at No. 1 in more than 21 years - since before the 1991-92 season; Nielsen's electronic database started on September of 1991.

Leading in Adults 25-54 for the 4th straight week, "GMA" has ranked No. 1 in 37 of the 45 weeks this season. The ABC morning program is delivering its most number of No. 1 finishes in the key adult news demo during a season in 21 years - since the 1991-92 season.

Additionally, "GMA" posted gains over the prior week (5.075 million and 1.822 million on w/o 7/29/13) to hit 7-week highs in both Total Viewers (+3%) and Adults 25-54 (+3%) - since w/o 6/17/13.

"GMA" turned in across the board gains on the year-ago week: Total Viewers (+20%), Adults 25-54 (+16%) and Adults 18-49 (+3%) - 4.364 million, 1.610 million and 1.194 million, respectively, for w/o 8/6/12. Further, "GMA" has seen its overall audience grow from the same week last year in all 45 weeks this season.

Season to date, "GMA" is the No. 1 morning news program in Total Viewers and Adults 25-54. The ABC show is leading "Today" by its largest season margin in overall viewers (+664,000) in more than 21 years and in the adult news demo (+83,000) in 20 years - since before the 1991-92 season and the 1992-93 season, respectively; Nielsen's electronic database started on September of 1991.

Season to date, "GMA" is up in both Total Viewers (+9%) and Adults 25-54 (+3%) versus its year-ago averages, growing the most in the key adult news demo (NBC's "Today" is down -11%/-17%, respectively; CBS' "This Morning" is up +13%/+2%, respectively). "GMA" is seeing its largest overall season audience in more than 21 years and best Adult 25-54 performance in 5 years - since before the 1991-92 season and 2007-08 seasons, respectively.

"GMA" outperformed "CBS This Morning" by triple-digits in Total Viewers (+100%) and Adults 25-54 (+114%), while nearly doubling in Adults 18-49 (+93%) .

WEEK OF 8/5/13 TOTAL VIEWERS ADULTS 25-54 ADULTS 18-49 HOUSEHOLDS ABC 5,225,000 1.6/13; 1,868,000 1.0/ 9; 1,232,000 3.9/15 NBC 4,260,000 1.4/11; 1,643,000 1.0/10; 1,271,000 3.2/13 CBS 2,606,000 0.7/ 6; 874,000 0.5/ 5; 640,000 2.0/ 8

Source: The Nielsen Company, NTI Total Viewers, Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49 Live + SD weeks of 8/5/13, 7/29/13 and 8/6/12. Most Current: 2012-2013 Season (9/24/12 - 8/11/13) and 2011-2012 Season (9/19/11 - 8/5/12). All averages based on regular telecasts. (*Note: Due to coverage of Hurricane Sandy, w/o 10/29/12 was coded as a breakout and is excluded from the season count) .

Emmy Award-winning "GMA," featuring the anchor team of Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Sam Champion, Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott, airs live Mon.-Fri. (7:00-9:00 a.m., ET) on ABC. Tom Cibrowski is senior executive producer.

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