Kate Middleton's Day in the Great Outdoors

Kate Middleton's Day in the Great Outdoors

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Kate Middleton's Day in the Great Outdoors

The world does not yet know whether the unborn child of Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William will be a girl or a boy, but for today at least, the duchess appeared as though she is ready for a boy.

Middleton, 31, traded her usual high-fashion look to get down and dirty with the U.K.'s Cub Scouts, spending a day with them in the great outdoors.

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Middleton, dressed in an Army-style green jacket, jeans and her favored Le Chameau boots, braved the cold and blistery English weather to visit the Great Tower Scout Camp near Newby Bridge in Cumbria.

The duchess, five months pregnant with her and William's first child, stayed warm by huddling near a campfire and roasting pastries along with other volunteers, according to the U.K.'s Mirror.

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The paper reports that Middleton has privately volunteered with the Scouts near the couple's home in Anglesey, Wales, where William is based as a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, but today's outing marked a new step in her support, meant to encourage others to volunteer too.

Middleton was seen laughing with her fellow volunteers over the state of their respective pastries, known as "twists," and even got into the action herself, rolling the dough with her sapphire wedding ring on and all.

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"Oh, it's actually not bad, if you were desperately hungry," she said after a taste test, the Mirror reports. "It's quite sugary."

Middleton appeared with the queen and Prince Philip earlier this week at a London Tube station where she received a "Baby on Board" badge from London Underground chief operating officer Howard Collins.

In today's visit, Middleton got another decorative fashion keepsake, this time a red, white and blue Scouts scarf that she proudly wore around her neck tied in a "friendship knot" during the visit.

"She was passionate about doing this course today," Scouts' assistant director Simon Carter said of the duchess, according to People magazine. "Other scout leaders who have spoken to her say she loves asking questions. … She wants to get as much information as possible to take back with her."

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