Minnesota Woman Finds Diamond Ring Lost in Corn Kernel Pit

When diamond rings turn up missing, it's usually due to a thief having a case of sticky fingers, rather than the owner having slippery ones.

But slippery fingers are exactly the reason Karilyn Miller, 33, of Fridley, Minn., lost her newly upgraded diamond wedding ring on Sept. 29.

Miller and her husband, Jon, 30, along with their children, were visiting the Twin Cities Corn Maze in Brooklyn Park, Minn., for an annual fall family outing. She was playing with her children in one of the maze's most popular attractions, the corn pit, a 60-by-60 foot pool of corn kernels, when all of a sudden she looked down and noticed her diamond ring had vanished from her finger.

"We were playing and I was just going to scoop one more hand full of corn, and then I noticed 'Oh my goodness, I think my ring just fell off,'" Miller told ABC News.

Right before the ring sunk into the three-foot-deep pool of corn kernels, her husband had warned her to be careful with her new diamond. Signs were posted around the tent letting visitors know the corn's starch makes your hand slippery, and rings often fall off.

"We've gone in the corn pit all these years, that's usually where we end the night. Right before my ring fell off, my husband said 'Oh, you should probably take your ring off.' Because there was a sign that said you should remove your jewelry because of the starch, and your fingers shrink in the cold," Miller said.

Bert Bouwan, the farm's owner, is no rookie when it comes to rings being lost in his corn pit, and assured Miller they had a high success rate for recovering the items.

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Karilyn Miller

Karilyn Miller

"As soon as I saw her, I said 'I don't want to discourage you. We have a better than 80 percent return of finding the ring.' We normally can find the ring back, as long as they know where they were," Bouwan said.

Miller and her husband have been together for 10 years, and he had just upgraded her diamond two months before their trip to the corn maze.

"We've been together long enough to know these things happen," Miller said, admitting it was like searching for a needle in a haystack. But she held on to her faith, and prayed for the ring's safe return.

"All I can do is just pray. The only way we're going to find this by the grace of God. I really give God the credit for finding it, along with the other people who helped. I said 'God, I know it's just a ring, but it means a lot to me.' That really carried me through to find it," Miller said.

Luckily for Miller, a young man and his mother who run the rock climbing wall attraction next to the corn pit had a metal detector on site. They, along with countless other complete strangers, helped the Millers search for the ring. However, it started getting late, and the children were getting tired, and Miller decided it was time to get them h

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Karilyn Miller

Karilyn Miller

ome while her husband offered to keep looking.

"I had left. I was helping my friend get car seats into the car, and my husband called me. 'You're never going to believe it. We found it.' He said it was amazing. Dale, the rock climbing guy, was working with the metal detector and got a blip and was sifting through that area," Miller said. "And immediately when it popped up, it was just gleaming. It wanted to be found and God answered our prayers."

Miller ran back to thank everyone involved for continuing their search effort.

"To see the good in people, it was just a very uplifting experience. We're very optimistic people, but it was just very encouraging," she said.

It was a very happy ending for Miller, who Bouwan dubbed "the luckiest woman, because she got her ring twice."

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