Newlyweds Dance Their Way Through Six Countries During Honeymoon

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Just because the wedding reception is over doesn't mean the dancing has to stop. Or at least that's what this happy couple thinks.

For 18 days, newlyweds Larry and Abbey Plawecki, of Indianapolis danced their way across six countries during their honeymoon.

"I'm going to claim the idea myself. But it was Larry who actually executed it," Abbey Plawecki, 29, told "I've been to Europe before, and with both of our families and so many people at work, I knew there would too many pictures to let everybody to see. We just figured we should make a video instead of trying to share a thousand pictures."

So that's just wh

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Courtesy Larry and Abbey Plawecki

at they did. The couple recorded every stop they made on their trip, strategically picking historical spots to set the scene as the next perfect dance floor.

"I think it's pretty obvious from the video who has the moves," Larry Plawecki, 32, joked. "The idea of seeing a video of someone standing there waving to the camera is just as bad as looking through 1,300 photos."

So they were determined to spice things up by not only making a video, but a video people would remember.

"We got to Rome first, and just were surrounded by these beautiful places. It just hit me, we should just dance. And it just went from there. Every day we were going to one beautiful place after another," Larry said. "We just thought these videos were ridiculous and fun. We were always trying to top the other."

From Italy to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, and finally Dublin, the couple wa

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s exhausted by the end of their trip.

"Over the course of 18 days, we went to six countries. The travel can get kind of tedious and exhausting. Once you actually get to the place, you end up just doing the 'running man' because you're tired," Larry explained.

But whether it is the "running man," the "Gangnam style" or the good old-fashioned lawnmower move, the couple said the dancing is what made the best memories.

"The Vatican is so big and it's so serious and the line is incredible. And there's these statues and people are just milling about, and at first you feel kind of nervous. And I 'm thinking, I'm going to do the lawnmower in the middle of this sacred spot. But by the end of the trip, we were just thinking, let's just break it down," Larry explained.

And if you're thinking about mimicking their idea, the Plawecki's have one piece of advice they'd like to offer: "Do it. Don't hold back. You're never going to see these people again. You're not going to be embarrassed. It's for you," Larry said. "And now, one of my friends told me, you can look back in 35 years and be like yeah, I did a cartwheel in front of the Louvre."

But the Louvre isn't the last place to see Larry's moves. They're already planning a trip to dance their way across South America next year.

"We're already coming up with new dances," they both laughed.

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