Pet Doberman and Baby Girl Play Together

Pet Doberman Plays With 1-Year-Old Baby

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Pet Doberman Plays With 1-Year-Old Baby

This pet Doberman Lily and 1-year-old baby Addison are the best of friends.

"At least once a day she's trying to play with Addison," the dog's owner, Ashley Breuer of Savannah, Ga., told "Lily has even trained Addison to hold one of her chew toys so Lily can lick it and try to get the treats out."

Breuer says Lily isn't an aggressive dog and always acts as Addison's protector.

"My husband was deployed in February of 2012 and I was pregnant with Addison at the time, so I moved up to Minnesota with my parents," she said. "My parents had a German shepherd that was fabulous with the baby, but just in case, Lily would always nudge in front to get in between the two of them."

The adorable pair loves playing together, whether when Addison is cheerfully giggling on the living room floor or during walks around the neighborhood when Lily is hooked up to Addison's stroller.

There is, however, an absolute favorite time of day: during meals.

"During feeding time, babies always drop food, so Lily obviously loves and benefits from that," Breuer joked.

The heartwarming video has garnered more than 33,000 views on YouTube since it was originally posted April 18.

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