'Santa Is Your UPS Man,' Ken Jones Sings in Viral Christmas Hit

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'Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck' Video is Viral Hit

'Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck' Video is Viral Hit

'Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck' Video is Viral Hit

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'Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck' Video is Viral Hit

'Santa Drives a Big Brown Truck' Video is Viral Hit
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"We're comin' through, despite the weather. Fence in your dog, let's work together," is just one of the lines Jones sings to address how Santa is actually a UPS man.

The video, posted to YouTube on Dec. 5 by Jones' brother, Tim Bryant, already has more than 155,000 views and counting.

"I can't believe it. I don't know what to say," Jones told ABCNews.com. "People are silly. I'm ignoring a lot of it, but it tickles me that people like it. My wife was like, 'I don't think you know what's going on.'"

Jones recorded the song during a quick break he had in between his deliveries and pickups, and posted the video to his Facebook page because he thought his wife would get a kick out of it.

Jones credits his 5-year-old son, Peyton, for being the reason he came up with the catchy song.

"This is the truth," Jones said. "I'm sitting there at lunch, during a little quick break I had, before I started my pickups. And I had been whistling that little ditty around my house and my little son was like 'Daddy's Santa.' And I told him we work for Santa. He thinks we assist Santa, to a certain degree. He's got notes laying around the house for Santa, and he knows daddy works with him. I'm in cahoots with Santa."

He said that got him thinking about all the ways UPS drivers actually do fulfill Santa-like duties every single day.

"Just put your dogs in the fence so we can bring you your packages. These people want their stuff. They work too. So when we go to their house, we want to get that note so we can just leave it," Jones said.

He came up with all the lyrics off the top of his head, without any rehearsing. Another lyric goes, "For iPads please leave me a note, ma'am. So I can leave your Apple at your door. You can best believe it is my plan, man. To ring your doorbell, drop your stuff and go!"

Jones explains that line has special meaning because UPS delivers "so many Apple products, and you can't really leave them. Apple is really specific not to drop or leave packages, but there's this form you can print offline and you put it on their door and then they can sign it, and that authorizes them to leave the package for your iPad. Just leave me a note. I want to leave it. I don't want to come back."

Jones turns 41 this Thursday and says all the unexpected attention and positive feedback he's received is the best birthday present he could have asked for.

"I'm really just still taken aback. I'm happy people got a kick out of me being silly and messing around with my little son," he said. "I'm just a regular hard working guy and I'm glad people are having fun with it and I can bring a little holiday cheer to them."

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