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It's the New Year and that means its time for the inevitable New Year's resolution: lose weight. For many, that's easier said than done.

Celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson, who has helped everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian sculpt their superstar figures, appeared on " Good Morning America" today to help you jump start your weight-loss resolutions. The trainer-to-the-stars shared her tips to get that A-list body you always wanted and stick to your 2013 New Year's weight-loss goals.

1. Put on Your Dancing Shoes

Believe it or not, dancing is a great way to burn calories, Anderson says. The trainer taught Paltrow how to do dance aerobics to stay fit since repetitive cardio sessions work the same muscle groups and can make clients bulk up.

The daughter of a dance instructor, Anderson trained in dance from an early age and initially hoped to become a professional dancer in New York City. After a 40 lb. weight gain during her first year in New York, Anderson switched her focus to weight loss/fitness training as a career.

Anderson incorporates cardio dance in her at-home DVD training routines. The latest DVD, Teen Meta, is catered to help young teens strengthen and shape their bodies. According to the CDC, more than one third of all children and teens are overweight or obese, so Anderson encourages parents to motivate their kids to be healthy.

"The program for teens is designed to keep their bodies and muscles really connected and keep the body fat in a really healthy place," she says.

2. Switch It Up Every 10 Days

To see results in your body, you have to switch it up. Anderson recommends changing your workout routine every ten days because that's how long it takes for your muscles to "get smart" and stop responding like they once did to the same workouts. Anderson warns: there has to be strategy behind what you're changing. When you just trend hop without an end goal, you're never going to meet a goal. It's not just random switching from one thing to another.

3. Visualize The Body You Want And Commit To It

Think about the results you want to achieve and find the best path to get there, Anderson says. Stay focused and don't wimp out mentally. You have to really commit to where you want to go.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Start Small

One of the big excuses for not keeping our resolutions is that we are all too busy, but to achieve your goals, start small, Anderson says. Start with 10 minutes of focused exercise a day with a coach. It's not just, "I'm going to go for a ten minute walk." Walk into a class and take 10 minutes and you can work your way up.

5. Trampolines Are Fun and Can Be Easier On The Joints

The more fun a work out is, the easier it can be to stick with it. A mini trampoline workout is something everybody can do, Anderson says, and it's enjoyable. It's also easy on the joints.

Tracy Answers "GMA" Viewers' Questions:

Anne from Maine asked: “I have heard such conflicting things on whether or not it is better to do cardio on an empty stomach or not? If I should eat something before doing cardio--what is a good pre-workout snack and how long before working out should I eat it?”

TA:  Eat 30 minutes before your workout.  Have some sort of protein, which is good for your body, and you can take my wellness shake, which I use with two pitted dates and coconut water.

Amanda from New York asked: "What would you recommend as the ideal balance between strength training and cardio to promote fat loss?"

TA:  You should do the same amount of time between strength and cardio - 30 minutes of muscular work and 30 minutes of cardiovascular.

Jen from Pennsylvania asked: “I have been reading a lot about "eating clean." As a wife and mother of two (11& 7 yr olds.) I want to truly incorporate that lifestyle into our BUSY lifestyle...I have worked at losing weight - I just haven't been able to get rid of my serious flabby stomach...Can you share an easy-to-follow "eating clean" food plan for a family?”

TA:  It's all about exercise, not eating.  Do not eat any processed foods, only organic and all-fresh foods.  There is nothing diet can do for a flabby stomach.  You have to exercise it off.  Start with 15 minutes and then increase the time every couple of times you work out.  Keep consistency.

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