• ‘Terminator Genisys’: Schwarzenegger on Bulking Up for Role, Says ‘Terminator Salvation’ ‘Sucked’

    He said he would be back -- and he kept his word.Thirty-one years after the original “Terminator” -- the blockbuster science-fiction film that gave moviegoers the memorable phrase “I’ll be back” -- former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is returning to the blockbuster franchise…

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  • James Bond Film 'Spectre' Releases Teaser Trailer

    The teaser trailer for "Spectre," the next installment in the James Bond series, picks up right where the last film left off. The trailer opens with the famed 007, played for the fourth time by Daniel Craig, learning some "personal effects" recovered from his ruined family estate and childhood…

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  • 'Home' Movie Review

    Dreamworks’ newest animated feature, "Home," isn’t exactly a world-beater, but it is does revolve around a world invasion. The Boov are intergalactic nomads, who look like the Scrubbing Bubbles and "Despicable Me"’s Minions procreated. The silly Boov leader, Captain Smek, voiced by Steve Martin,…

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  • 'Home' Star Rihanna Wants Movie to Empower Girls

    Now, it's her voice -- her speaking voice, not her singing voice -- that's front and center in the new animated movie "Home," which opens in theaters today. In "Home," Rihanna voices a resourceful and brave little girl named Tip who becomes separated from her mom, voiced by Jennifer Lopez, when…

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  • NOVA Lamps Kimura, Standing Table Lamp 10420

    Shop for Lighting & Ceiling Fans at The Home Depot. Inspired by Japanese use of slats as an architectural feature this beautifully.. now $259.99

  • Vin Diesel Predicts Best Picture Oscar Win for 'Furious 7'

    Vin Diesel has high expectations for the latest movie in the "Fast and the Furious" series.Very high expectations.In fact, Diesel believes "Furious 7" will become "the biggest movie in history."Watch Vin Diesel Pay Tribute to Paul Walker at 'Furious 7' DebutVin Diesel Opens Up About 'Awkward and…

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  • Debi Mazar Reveals What to Expect from the 'Entourage' Movie

    According to the actress, Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier, and the boys are keeping her character very busy in the film.

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  • 'Pretty Woman' Turns 25: How It Would Be Different Today

    "Pretty Woman" hit theaters 25 years ago today. For those of you who haven't seen the film, here's a quick recap: Richard Gere stars as Edward Lewis, a hard-nosed businessman who hires a sassy, but unpolished, prostitute named Vivian (played by Julia Roberts) to attend social functions with him…

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  • Watch the New 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation' Trailer

    The first trailer for "Mission: Impossible 5" is out, promising more impossible action from Ethan Hunt, played by an often shirtless Tom Cruise.The film due in theaters July 31 is now titled "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation."The sequel to "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol" finds Cruise back…

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  • Al Pacino Says He Was Almost Fired From 'The Godfather'

    The actor says he was almost fired from his iconic role as Michael Corleone in the epic 1972 film. Pacino went on to portray the mob boss in the rest of the “Godfather” trilogy.

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  • Revisiting 'The Sound of Music's' Real Von Trapps, Who Run a Vermont Lodge, Brewery

    The famous singing von Trapp family is forever immortalized in the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic, “The Sound of Music,” and while Hollywood embellished some details about their lives, there was a real Maria, a real Captain von Trapp and a real troupe of singing von Trapp children. Today,…

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  • Why Julie Andrews Never Dated Her ‘The Sound of Music’ Co-Star Christopher Plummer

    While Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer admitted to having crushes on each other while filming “The Sound of Music,” they say they were never more than friends.“ should have ended up together. We should have had a huge smashing affair. But there was no time because she had her children with…

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  • Movie Review: 'Run All Night' Starring Liam Neeson and Ed Harris

    Jimmy (Liam Neeson) and Shawn (Ed Harris) grew up together in New York City, idolizing the local gangsters. Jimmy became a hit man while Shawn became the boss. These two are so tight, that when Jimmy is forced to kill Shawn’s son, Danny (Boyd Holbrook), because Danny tries to kill Jimmy’s son,…

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  • See 'Gone With the Wind' Set Inside Old Georgia Barn

    Classic film fans will have to travel to the South to get a look at one of the most famous Hollywood movie sets of all time. Peter Bonner, the owner of a historical tour company in Henry County, Georgia, about 30 miles south of Atlanta, came across the set a year or two ago and has been working…

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  • 'Home' Stars Surprise Texas Woman With Movie Premiere, Donation

    Rihanna, Steve Martin and Jim Parsons appeared on “Good Morning America” and told the woman, Cheryl Jackson, she would get a red carpet premiere of their new movie in her hometown of Plano, Texas. Jackson - who screamed, cried and fanned her face at the news she won the "'GMA' Brings 'Home' to…

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  • Find Today's Best Bargains on BMX Bikes

    Browse affordable, top name brand BMX bikes right here. Mongoose, Diamondback, Fox Racing and many more!

  • 'Frozen 2' Is In Development, Disney Announces

    “We enjoyed making 'Frozen Fever' so much and being back in that world with those characters,” said John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios. “[Directors] Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck have come up with a great idea for a sequel and you will be hearing a lot…

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  • Star Wars: Release Date for 'Episode VIII' Revealed

    With "Star Wars: Episode VII" just months away, the studio is already planning its sequel.Turns out, that's coming in 2017.Bob Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company, announced today that "Star Wars: Episode VIII" will hit theaters on May 26, 2017 -- 40 years and one…

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  • Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Recreated Their 'Happy Gilmore' Fight

    The duo, who hilariously brawled in the 1996 golf comedy “Happy Gilmore,” reprised their film rivalry for Comedy Central’s “Night of Too Many Stars,” recreating their infamous fighting scene, this time in a hospital room. “Night of Too Many Stars,” which airs Sunday, raises money for autism…

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