Children Strike a Pose as Famous Celebrity Icons

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Children Strike a Pose as Famous Celebrity Icons

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It’s never too early to strike a pose, and these children certainly know how to express themselves, channeling musical icons like Madonna. That’s exactly what Canadian photographer April Maciborka wanted to capture in her photo series, “Icons,” inspired by real icons of American music culture such as Madonna, David Bowie, Tina Turner and Elvis. The photographer says she wanted to capture children in an adult light or juxtapose kids’ take on adult personas. The models, aged 4 to 6, were all eager to take part in the photo shoot, but needed some help coming out of their shells. “They were shy about that,” Maciborka told “You had to give them a vibe or a character and tell them it’s like Halloween, then they get comfortable with it.” Maciborka played songs by the musician they were impersonating to help ease the kids into their celebrity roles. “Once they felt they were in character, they felt really confident,” she said.

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