See Singer Monica's New Baby Girl

See Singer Monica's New Baby Girl
See Singer Monica's New Baby Girl (ABC News)
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    • Pro-Trump town riled up after immigration officials arrest popular restaurant manager

      WEST FRANKFORT, Ill. –  A southern Illinois community that solidly backed President Donald Trump has rallied behind a Mexican restaurant manager who doesn't have legal permission to live in the U.S. and has been detained by immigration officials. Letters of support for Juan Carlos Hernandez Pacheco have poured in from West Frankfort's mayor, police chief, high school athletic director and the county prosecutor. They describe Hernandez as a role model and praise his robust civil involvement, including funding school scholarships, benefit dinners for families in need and hosting a law enforcement appreciation event. Hernandez, 38, came to the U.S. in the 1990s but didn't obtain legal status, according

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    • EXCLUSIVE: Matt Damon Blames Oscars Flub on Host Jimmy Kimmel: 'They Got What They Paid For'

      As expected, the men continued to feud at the Academy Awards.

      Entertainment Tonight
    • Great white shark caught from pier is under investigation; disturbing video

      A disturbing video of a juvenile great white shark being hauled up onto the Huntington Beach Pier and an equally disturbing photo of the fishermen posing with the catch has created an uproar on social media. The video posted on Facebook by Mike Hefner and the photo posted on Facebook by Diego Gamboa Fishing not only sparked outrage but could help enforcement agents with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife in identifying the offending anglers. Great white sharks are protected. It is illegal to catch a great white shark and when one is hooked, it is supposed to be released as soon as possible, not landed so photos can be taken, as what happened in this case. And you certainly don’t gaff q
    • NC church has unconventional rules for sex and marriage

      SPINDALE, N.C. (AP) — When it comes to relationships, marriage and sex, Word of Faith Fellowship members must follow strict and unusual rules — or risk severe punishment, former members say.

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    • Chrissy Teigen Teases Husband John Legend Over La La Land Mix-Up: ‘He Won an Oscar – Not This Year Though’

      La La Land didn’t win Best Picture – and Chrissy Teigen is not letting husband John Legend soon forget it. The playful couple poked fun at the shocking La La Land and Moonlight mix-up at the 2017 Oscars on social media on Monday, with Teigen teasing the singer in a Twitter video. In the clip, Teigen greeted viewers, “Hi guys.

    • Why These Celebs Are Wearing Blue Ribbons on the Oscars Red Carpet (7 photos)

      At the Academy Awards this year, the hottest accessory is a blue ribbon. Worn to build awareness and show support for the American Civil Liberties Union, the ribbon's popping up on everyone from Karlie Kloss to Loving star Ruth Negga. Asked about the ribbon by People , Negga gushed about the organization, lauding the ACLU for fighting for a "basic love of human rights" — something that, regardless of what films and actors win or lose tonight, is one thing that everyone watching is rooting for. From ELLE

    • SpaceX will fly two very rich passengers around the Moon next year

      At a press conference today, prospective fallout shelter owner Elon Musk told reporters that SpaceX, Musk's solar space travel company, will be sending a pair of paying passengers around the Moon next year. The unnamed pair reportedly paid a "significant deposit" for the trip, which will be conducted using SpaceX's existing launch vehicles and spacecraft. The trip will mark a new milestone for paid space travel. Although paid passengers have been into space before, it's normally either a short, peripheral flight, or piggybacking on a larger operation. Sending a spacecraft around the Moon would be a recent landmark for spacetravel if it was done by NASA; the fact that a pair of presumably inexperienced, paying customers are going to be the next to see the dark side of the Moon is a genuine game-changer. “This is a really thing that’s happened,” Musk told reporters . “We’ve been approached to do a crewed mission beyond the Moon ...[and these passengers] are very serious about it. We plan to do that probably Dragon 2 spacecraft with the Falcon Heavy rocket.” The trip will reportedly take around a week, as it will take mostly the same course as you're familiar with from  Apollo 13 : out to the Moon, slingshot around, and come back. SpaceX has talked about manned space travel and space tourism before -- including an ambition to send paying clients to Mars! -- but this trip is sooner and more ambitious than most people had imagined. According to  Gizmodo  and Musk, these kind of paid missions look to be a part of SpaceX's broader ambitions, allowing SpaceX the funds and experience to build out its Mars plans, and allowing billionaires one hell of a vacation.

      BGR News
    • Merriam Webster’s Tweet to Kellyanne Conway Has Chilling Effect on Women’s Movement

      Another week, another instance of staggering hypocrisy when it comes to the treatment of conservative women by self-avowed feminists. This week’s target of Twitter’s self-righteous derision is the first female campaign manager of a successful presidential campaign, Kellyanne Conway, who currently serves as a senior advisor to the Trump administration. At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) last week, Conway took the stage down the street from the White House in National Harbor, MD, to discuss her experiences in politics, how being a woman has informed those experiences, and the impact of gender on her current position. The Washington Post, which has endured a great many accusations

      The New York Observer q
    • Officials temporarily shut off water flow at damaged Oroville Dam in a race against Mother Nature

      The effort to protect the Oroville Dam entered a critical phase Monday as engineers began to shut off water flowing out of the damaged main spillway Monday afternoon, giving officials their first unobstructed view of the eroded concrete spillway since a crisis prompted mass evacuations earlier this month. The move starts a race against Mother Nature, with officials hoping to have crucial repairs finished before more rains arrive, something that could cause the reservoir to rise to critical levels again. California Department of Water Resources acting director Bill Croyle said the spillway can only remain shut off as long as water levels remain at a level they consider safe. The water level at the reservoir was at 838 feet Monday morning, data show.

      Los Angeles Times q
    • Georgia pair sentenced to prison over Confederate flag confrontation

      Defendants Jose Torres, 26, and Kayla Norton, 25, were convicted earlier this month of charges that include making "terroristic threats" during the confrontation in Douglas County near Atlanta, which occurred at a time of heated national debate about a flag that many consider a symbol of racism. Georgia Superior Court Judge William McClain sentenced Torres to serve 13 years in prison, and Norton to serve 6 years in prison, Douglas County District Attorney Brian Fortner said in a phone interview.

    • White House responds to father of Navy SEAL killed in Yemen raid

      White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Monday responded to the father of US Navy SEAL Chief...

      Business Insider
    • Mariah Carey’s Very Revealing Gown Must Be Seen to Be Believed

      Mariah Carey ended 2016 on a very low note, but 2017 is looking up — way up.

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    • A BART janitor made $270,000 in a year and some people are wondering why

      Last year, a janitor working for San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) made $270,000. Most of it came from benefits and $162,000 in overtime. The whopping amount is raising a few eyebrows. Was it all earned? At first, it seems like the janitor in question, Liang Zhao Zhang, is just a very, very hard-working guy. An investigation by local TV station KTVU found that Zhang was paid for every single day in 2015. He also worked overtime most of the time. During one stretch in July of that year, Zhang worked 17-hour days for 18 days straight. “Super human!” said Robert Fellner, whose government watchdog group Transparent California has examined public employee salary information for

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    • Oscars 2017: Our Editors’ Favorite Dresses of the Night!

      There was a lot to love about Sunday night’s Oscars – and we’re not just talking about the candy drops and surprise wins. The stars brought it in a big way on the red carpet, stepping out in one gown after another that was worthy of a spot on our best dressed list (and the guys were no slouches in the style department, either). There were tons of gorgeous trends (from sparkling champagne gown to dazzling headbands), lots of memorable beauty moments (the eye makeup alone deserved its own spotlight) and plenty of red carpet risks to discuss. ...

    • Things Got Awkward When 1 Girl Told Her Teacher Her Dad Has "Lots of Weed" at Home

      When Skylar told her teacher that there's "lots of weed at home" and that her dad even grows it, she technically wasn't lying. However, as parents of little kids know, they often say the darnedest things, and even when they are speaking the truth, you can't always take what they say at face value. Although Skylar was correct in her innocent observations about the abundance of green plants at her home, it was her delivery that left her dad and teacher having an awkward conversation. "Weed is not good for you and we have a lot of it," Skylar said in a video captured by her dad, Dax Holt, as they discussed the incident. Dax shared the video of their chat on Facebook with the perfect caption. My

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    • Former President Bush breaks his silence, defends Trump

      Reaction from Fox News contributor and former White House speechwriter Marc Thiessen

      FOX News Videos
    • Transgender boy wins girls' wrestling title

      A mix of cheers and boos were directed at a 17-year-old transgender boy after winning the Texas state girls' wrestling title. CNN's Polo Sandoval reports on the controversy.

      CNN q
    • This Photo of a Couple Dividing Up Their Beanie Babies In Divorce Court Is So '90s

      Back in the '90s, when Beanie Babies were at their peak popularity, some people went to ridiculous extremes to collect the stuffed animals — including this divorced couple. Four months after their separation was finalized, the Las Vegas couple pictured below headed to court again to divide their Beanie Babies collection before a judge because they were unable to come to an agreement on their own, according to The Huffington Post. After all that, we hope former husband and wife can look back at this photo from 1999 and laugh. data width="800"" data-width="350" At the time, Reuters estimated the combined collection of Beanie Babies to be worth

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    • Op-Ed: Will Trump's war on the media actually work? Here's what this crisis-management expert thinks

      There is a really interesting strategy behind President Trump's war on the media, explains crisis-management expert Eric Dezenhall. q