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Sleepy Tot Can’t Quite Finish His Chicken Nugget

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Sleepy Tot Can't Quite Finish His Chicken Nugget

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Sleepy Tot Can't Quite Finish His Chicken Nugget

To sleep or to eat? That’s the dilemma this sleepy toddler faced on a recent flight. Although he tried and tried again, the boy couldn’t keep his eyes open long enough to finish eating his chicken finger.

The adorable video, originally posted to YouTube on April 24by the boy’s father, Georgiy Kharchenko, already has more than 100,000 views.

Kharchenko explained that his three-year-old was sitting in first class on a flight from Cancun to Baltimore when the viral moment took place.

Obviously the little guy thought he needed one more bite of chicken, but as his head slowly nods, and his eyes slowly close, sleep prevails.

At least he went down fighting.

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