Top 9 Thanksgiving Turkey Cakes Gone Wrong

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Top 9 Thanksgiving Turkey Cakes Gone Wrong

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Top 9 Thanksgiving Turkey Cakes Gone Wrong (ABC News)

Each year, as Thanksgiving rolls around, we wait in anticipation of some of the most, umm, interesting cakes we've ever seen. Whether you've seen some of these on your Thanksgiving table, or you're new to the turkey cake tradition, we've gathered up the most disturbing ones from Jen Yates of

For more great turkey cakes or holiday cakes gone terribly wrong, check out Jen Yates' new book, Wreck the Halls: Cake Wrecks Gets "Festive".

Realistic Approach

Sometimes realism isn't the best idea for cakes. Is that a flower between two zucchini?

Brownie Cake

While this brownie has a catchy phrase, I'm not sure I'm that hungry.

Hippie Turkey

This '60s-inspired turkey has a tie-dyed robe, and the face of a serpent.


With only four feathers, I don't think this guy is going anywhere.


Some people just get carried away. Please put down the icing.

Turkey Tortoise

The inspiration? The sun setting behind a tortoise.

Poorly Assembled

This guy needs to find a new orthopedist.

Time to Review

A four-legged turkey? I don't think I've been paying enough attention to Thanksgiving dinner.

Modern Art

Everyone is entitled to creative interpretation.

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