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  • 'Walking Dead' Town Buildings on Sale on eBay For $680,000

    If you've got $680,000 to spare, you could be the new owner of part of a town featured on "The Walking Dead" and other movies.Nine buildings in downtown Grantville, Georgia, 35 miles outside of Atlanta, are now collectively on auction on eBay.The historic area has been a set for several recent…

    Good Morning America18 mins ago
  • 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' Preview: Watch Kaitlyn Confront Chris Soules

    Chris Soules is down to two women in this season of "The Bachelor," but he still has to face the women he eliminated during the show. Tonight, "The Bachelor: Women Tell All" airs on ABC, and one woman, Kaitlyn, who was not given a rose in last week's episode, has some hard questions for Soules.

    Good Morning America33 mins ago
  • Michelle Rodriguez Clarifies Comments on White Superheroes and Minorities

    "There are many cultures in Hollywood that are not white and that can come up with their own mythology," she said. Rodriguez just wants the writers in Hollywood, no matter their culture, to be more creative and come up with new ideas.

    Good Morning America33 mins ago
  • Skydiver Rescued in Mid-Air After Suffering Seizure

    The tense moments when a skydiver fell unconscious in mid-air were all caught on camera.The skydiver, 22-year-old Christopher Jones, was doing a routine training dive to become a skydive instructor when he jumped from a plane 12,000 feet over Western Australia.At 9,000 feet, Jones suddenly fell…

    Good Morning America40 mins ago
  • Taylor Swift Vows to Never Talk About Katy Perry

    If there really is tension between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, as has been rumored for months, Taylor isn't going to address it with reporters.The "Blank Space" singer briefly touched upon her purported feud with Perry in an interview The Telegraph.The British newspaper reports she was "smiling…

    Good Morning America42 mins ago
  • Josh and Anna Duggar Reveal the Gender of Their Fourth Child

    Anna and Josh Duggar have exciting news to share: They have learned the gender of the baby they're expecting this summer. "I feel so good right now," Anna told People. "19 Kids & Counting" stars Josh and Anna, both 26, are already parents to Mackynzie, 5, Michael, 3, and Marcus, 1.

    Good Morning America46 mins ago
  • William Shatner Defends Absence From Leonard Nimoy's Funeral

    One day after publicly saying he couldn't make his dear friend Leonard Nimoy's funeral because he was "doing charity work" for the Red Cross, the legendary William Shatner fired back at critics who had blasted him because of his absence. On Sunday morning, he started on Twitter by citing a report…

    Good Morning America
  • 'Sound of Music' 50th Anniversary: The Real von Trapps Reflect on the Iconic Film

    "What blows my mind is how much it's continued and how much people still value the story," Myles von Trapp Derbyshire, 30, told ABC News. In the classic movie, Maria leaves a convent during World War II and falls in love with Captain Georg von Trapp. Maria von Trapp, who died in 1987, was the…

    Good Morning America
  • Ikea Furniture Will Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly

    Ikea wants to make sure you never leave home without a fully charged smartphone. The Swedish retailer unveiled its "Home Smart" collection of wireless charging furniture at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona over the weekend. "Our belief is that mobile phones are vital parts to people's lives…

    Good Morning America
  • Blind Man Regains Sight After 33 Years With 'Bionic Eye'

    Larry Hester was 33 years old when he got horrible news. It was tough,” Hester, now 67, told "Good Morning America’s" co-anchor, Robin Roberts. His wife, Jerry Hester, was by his side. It was hard," Jerry Hester said.

    Good Morning America
  • N. Korea Warns of 'Merciless Strikes' as It Launches 2 Missiles Into the Sea

    Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are on the rise, with North Korea warning of "merciless" war and launching two missiles as the joint United States-South Korean forces launched annual military drills on Monday. The communist country test-fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the East Sea…

    Good Morning America
  • Officials: Mom Knew Her Son Mohammed Emwazi Was 'Jihadi John'

    The parents of Mohammed Emwazi, who were questioned recently in Kuwait, told authorities they last heard from their son in mid-2013 when he called them from Turkey. Emwazi said he was going to do humanitarian work in Syria, the parents said, according to the officials.

    Good Morning America
  • Flaws in 'Leaked' Cindy Crawford Photo Faked? Photographer Says Yes

    The leaked photo of supermodel Cindy Crawford that showed the model in a less-than-flattering light appears to have been faked, according to the photographer who took the picture during a magazine photo shoot.John Russo, the celebrity photographer who took the shots for the December 2013 cover and…

    Good Morning America
  • Fatal Los Angeles Police Shooting Caught on Video

    A Los Angeles police officer shot and killed a man during a confrontation in the city's Skid Row area Sunday, in an incident that was caught on video. "The preliminary investigation revealed that during that altercation, at least one less-than-lethal device, a Taser, was deployed," LAPD Sgt. Barry…

    Good Morning America
  • Store Clerk Fights Off, Shoots Robber in Kentucky

    A clerk at a Lexington, Kentucky, tobacco store fended off an attempted robbery -- a tense altercation that was captured on the store’s surveillance camera. Zara Adil, 21, was working Friday at Tobacco Zone when two men entered the store wearing masks.

    Good Morning America
  • 'The Real Paleo Diet Cookbook': Asian Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry Recipe

    Five-spice powder is a salt-free spice blend used widely in Chinese cooking. It consists of equal parts ground cinnamon, cloves, fennel seeds, star anise and Szechwan peppercorns.

    Good Morning America
  • More Snow and Ice Impact Weekend Plans; New Storm On the Way

    Another blast of snow and ice impacted weekend plans from the Midwest to the Northeast on Sunday. The southern side of this latest winter storm brought freezing rain to the mid-Atlantic region Sunday morning. The freezing rain eventually moved farther north, reaching central Pennsylvania to New…

    Good Morning America