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  • Hugh Jackman Goes Step Further in Sunscreen Push

    With Pure Sun Defense, which is made in Texas, the Australian actor is helping to make affordable children's sunscreen -- and hoping that the brand's use of cartoon characters draws young children's attention and educates them to the sun's effects on their skin. Jackman is also the cofounder and…

    Good Morning America10 mins ago
  • Skinny Mom's 6-Pack Abs Are Back Just Weeks After Giving Birth

    The woman whose tiny pregnant belly caused a social media uproar is back, and she's brought her six-pack abs and a bikini. Stage's photos of her barely-there belly caused a social media debate over whether the model looked fit or famished. She gave birth on April 14 to James Hunter, Stage's…

    Good Morning America14 mins ago
  • McDonald's New Hamburglar Looks a Lot Like This Famous Hockey Player

    The McDonald's Hamburglar is back for the first time on national television in over a decade, and the transformed character is now a "suburban dad," according to the fast food chain. The hockey player actually commented on the likeness today, tweeting, "Finding it a little weird that [McDonald's]…

    Good Morning America14 mins ago
  • New California Water Rules Leave Out Agriculture Again

    After California failed to reach Gov. Jerry Brown’s goal of 25 percent reductions outlined in a historic April 1 executive order, the state’s Water Resources Control Board adopted even more stringent water restrictions Tuesday that, despite criticism from water experts and environmentalists,…

    Good Morning America39 mins ago
  • Recovering Sea Lions at Marine Center Deliberately Injured By Chlorine, Police Say

    Seventeen rescued sea lions in Laguna Beach, California, had just recovered from dehydration and starvation last week when they were allegedly injured by someone who filled their pool with chlorine at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, police said. Most of the seals suffered corneal ulcerations, or…

    Good Morning America43 mins ago
  • Tiny Toddler Is Cruisin' for a Snoozin' as He Falls Asleep at the Wheel

    ABC News has obtained video of a driver falling asleep at the wheel, sideswiping other cars in his reckless path of destruction. Take a look at this tiny toddler, adorably asleep behind the wheel of his power wheels toy car.

    Good Morning America43 mins ago
  • Cop Suing Starbucks Says He Didn't Think the Coffee 'Was That Hot'

    The North Carolina police lieutenant, who is suing Starbucks after burning himself when his free cup of coffee spilled, took the stand for the second time today saying that he wasn't prepared for how hot the beverage was. "I didn't know it was that hot," Matthew Kohr said during his cross…

    Good Morning America43 mins ago
  • Adele Looks Unrecognizable Dressed Up as George Michael for Birthday

    Adele was unrecognizable on her birthday Tuesday, as the Grammy winner dressed like singer George Michael to celebrate. Adele turned 27 on Tuesday and couldn't help but have fun, dressing in drag like the "Faith" singer, 51.

    Good Morning America43 mins ago
  • Bullied Teen Gets Princess-Worthy Photo Shoot Thanks to Community's Support

    Breanna Mendoza, 14, has Goldenhar Syndrome, a congenital birth defect that causes her to have a facial deformity.

    Good Morning America
  • Michigan Teen Invites Mom to Prom After Learning Why She Missed Her Own

    Belinda Smith said she was completely shocked when her 18-year-old son Danotiss asked her to be his senior prom date, after learning the sad reason behind why she missed her own 24 prom years ago. "I was flattered," Smith of Pontiac, Michigan, said. Smith told ABC News that she missed her own…

    Good Morning America
  • Texas Man Posts Sign Looking for 'Beautiful' Stranger He Locked Eyes With on Highway

    The sign reads, "To the beautiful girl in the beige car, I'm the guy in the black truck. "I was driving fast down the freeway last week when I saw another car coming up real fast," Adam Preslar, 41, told ABC News today.

    Good Morning America
  • SpaceX: Humans Would Have Survived Dragon Crew Test

    The spectacular seconds from when the SpaceX Crew Dragon launched this morning, detached from a rocket and parachuted into the Atlantic would have been survivable for human astronauts had they been on board for today's test, SpaceX said. It took less than two minutes this morning for Elon Musk's…

    Good Morning America
  • Natalie Portman Doesn't Know Where Her Oscar Is

    I haven’t seen it in a while," she told The Hollywood Reporter, recalling a conversation with director Darren Aronofsky. Portman, 33, is now living in Paris with her husband, dancer Benjamin Millepied, 37, and their son Aleph, 3.

    Good Morning America
  • Eva Mendes on Why She's Not Celebrating Mother's Day

    Eva Mendes just gave birth to a daughter, Esmeralda, late last year -- but even so, she will not be celebrating Mother's Day this weekend."There is no plan," she told Access Hollywood on Tuesday. "I kind of feel like I haven't quite earned my stripes yet, in a way. She's seven months ."Eva Mendes…

    Good Morning America
  • Oldest Living World War II Veteran Richard Overton to Turn 109

    Richard Overton's friends and family threw him a birthday bash Sunday in Austin, Texas, with as many as 100 people in attendance, including Mayor Steve Adler and the assistant chief of the Austin Police Department, ABC's Austin affiliate station KVUE-TV reported. "I feel happy that I’ve made it,"…

    Good Morning America
  • Lonely Apple Watch Owners Find Strangers With a Heart on Reddit

    Apple Watch owners who don't have any real-life friends with the device are flocking to Reddit to find fellow "lonely hearts" who are eager to connect with new friends to test some of the watch's communication features. One of the more intimate features of the watch is the ability for one wearer…

    Good Morning America
  • Chris Soules Can't Wait to Be 'A Normal Dude Back in Iowa' Again

    Getting eliminated from "Dancing with the Stars" wasn't easy on Chris Soules. However, the former "Bachelor" star admitted that part of him is happy to be done with reality TV for a while. "There's nothing I want more than just to be a normal dude back in Iowa," he told ABC News after the…

    Good Morning America