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  • See This, Skip That: British Virgin Islands

    Skip the Port City, Set Sail for Other Islands Instead Home base for most is the main island of Tortola, an intersection of ruins amid the mountainous terrain and a bustling port town that sees thousands of weekly visitors in its shops, shores and eateries. This cruise traffic can easily create…

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  • Miley Cyrus, John Legend, John Mayer to Honor Legends at Rock Hall of Fame

    Some of today's biggest stars will be on hand to induct -- and perform tributes to -- the iconic musicians entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year at the hall's induction ceremony Saturday in Cleveland. Miley Cyrus, who's often spoken about her admiration for '80s rock icons Joan Jett &…

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  • Michigan Grandfather With Cancer Takes Up Uber Driving to Pay Off Home for Family

    Despite recommendations to look into hospice care, Kenneth Broskey, 69, is still working full-time as an Uber driver and real estate agent in the Detroit area. "The company will continue donating an additional $1 for every rider who uses the promo-code "UberPartnerKen," through April 20th,"…

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  • Chernobyl Survivor to Be Pushed in Team Hoyt Wheelchair for Boston Marathon

    Alosha O'Brien was born perfectly healthy, but after living through the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster when he was nearly 2, his body didn't grow properly, and he developed disabilities. Now 30 and living in the United States since leaving Russia, O'Brien mostly gets around with the help of…

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  • Elmo Says 'Get Vaccinated' in New Video

    In a new video released by the U.S. Health and Human Services, Elmo of “Sesame Street” joined forces with the U.S. Surgeon General to encourage all children to be up to date on their vaccinations. "I explained to him that, as Surgeon General, it is my job to help everyone stay healthy," U.S.…

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  • Boeing Increases Overhead Bin Size by 50 Percent

    Boeing announced this week it will introduce a new overhead bin design to its 737s featuring 50 percent more space than previous models, which means less time in the aisles cramming bags for passengers and flight attendants. "They're enormous compared to the other bins," said Daniel Jones, a…

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  • David Hasselhoff's Music Video 'True Survivor' Is a Beautiful, Strange 1980s Journey

    Gunfights? Kung fu? Dogs with lasers for eyeballs? Hitler? Dinosaurs?Sure.David Hasselhoff's latest music video, “True Survivor,” was released Thursday and features a strange, beautiful mix of 1980s themes -- from computer hackers on PCs to street riot sequences that would make Steven Seagal…

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  • 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' -- Fans React to 1st Trailer

    It was supposed to first air on Monday in IMAX theaters, but the first "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" trailer hit the Internet on Thursday night and fan were quick to react.There was definite excitement, especially with the new "Star Wars" trailer hitting the same day.Read: 'Batman v.…

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  • 'Price Is Right' Host Drew Carey Holds Mass Wedding on Show

    Drew Carey married members of an audience filled with couples on the episode of "The Price Is Right" that aired today, according to the show's producer, CBS.In the clip below, Carey says, "Everybody ready to get married? ... Lot of love and success to all of you."He then reads the iconic wedding…

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  • Watch California Water Cop Patrol for Wasters in Drought-Stricken State

    Save water or face the consequences: That’s Rick Silva’s message to the Los Angeles communities he patrols. Silva is a water cop, or more formally a water conservation supervisor with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.

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  • Why Josh Hartnett Regrets Not Doing 'Batman'

    Looking back, it's hard to imagine anyone other than Christian Bale playing the most recent "Batman," but it could have been Josh Hartnett. The actor, who was one of Hollywood's most sought-after stars in the early 2000s, has revealed in the past that he was offered the role of Batman and possibly…

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  • Sam Smith Reveals He's 4 Pounds Away From His Goal Weight

    "Beautiful catch up with the incredible [nutritionist Amelia Freer]," he wrote next to a photo of himself in her kitchen. Smith, 22, said last month that he'd lost 14 pounds in 14 days with Freer's help.

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  • Attorney Had Date Planned With Beauty Pageant Champion on Night of Deadly Shooting

    Ryan Poston was supposed to be on a date with another woman -– a beauty pageant champion -– on the night that his on-again, off-again girlfriend fatally shot him, it was revealed in a Kentucky courtroom on Thursday. Audrey Bolte, Miss Ohio 2012, said she planned on meeting the 29-year-old attorney…

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  • 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' -- How J.J. Abrams Reacted to New Trailer

    Fans were mostly pleased with the new footage of the movie out in December, especially the shots at the end featuring Harrison Ford back as his iconic character Han Solo. After the trailer hit and director J.J. Abrams' panel at "Star Wars: Celebration," the man himself spoke to ABC News about the…

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  • Qantas Pilot Uniforms: A Look Back Through the Years

    The airline announced this week that Australian fashion designer Martin Grant has been tapped to outfit the fliers in new gear after successfully modernizing the brand's cabin crew uniforms in 2013. “Every Qantas uniform over the past 95 years reflects its times and we’re excited to work with…

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  • Sarah Silverman Apologizes for Story About Gender Gap Disparity

    In the video posted to YouTube on April 6, the 44-year-old Silverman claimed she was paid less than a male comic for an appearance at the New York Comedy Club in Manhattan. She said the owner, Al Martin, paid her $10 for performing for the same duration of time as her male counterpart who happened…

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  • Pup Gets Life-Changing Surgery After a Lifetime of Crawling

    Roscoe, a pitbull, was born with a deformity that left his front legs partially bent backwards under his wrists, according to ABC News affiliate WLOS-TV in Asheville, North Carolina. Dr. David Crouch, a vet from Asheville, was able to help Roscoe walk by performing surgery to fix the deformation. …

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