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  • Surviving National Zoo Panda Cub Is Male

    The Washington National Zoo revealed the gender of Mei Xiang’s baby panda cub, and it’s a boy. Genetic testing also revealed the father of the baby panda. Tian Tian, a giant panda from China's Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Wolong, sired the panda.

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  • Massachusetts Teen Plans Protest of High School's Position on Yoga Pants

    While most kids are planning for the first day of school, Emily Connolly, a 16-year-old from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is planning a protest. Connolly argues the new dress code policy at Cape Cod Technical High School unfairly body-shames female students. “My friends and I didn’t agree with it at…

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  • Virginia On-Air Shooting: Survivor's Harrowing Tale of Facing Down Gunman

    The woman who survived the on-air shooting that left two journalists dead in Virginia earlier this week gave her husband a harrowing account of the fusillade. Tim Gardner told ABC News that his wife, Vicki, the executive director of the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce, was able to…

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  • Bill Clinton Sought State Department OK For Paid Speeches Related to North Korea, Congo, New E-mails Show

    ABC News has obtained State Department e-mails that shed light on Bill Clinton’s lucrative speaking engagements and show he and the Clinton Foundation tried to get approval for invitations related to two of the most repressive countries in the world -- North Korea and the Democratic Republic of the…

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  • #1 Reason Not To Buy A New Computer

    Find out the real reason behind slow computers!

  • 5 Things to Know This Morning

    David Finlayson has his 13-year-old son to thank as he recovers at home after being struck by a refrigerator-size boulder during a camping trip. Finlayson, 52, and his son Charlie were backpacking and climbing near Ship Island Lake in a part of Idaho known as "River of No Return Wilderness" on…

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  • 'Dancing With the Stars,' Season 21: Chaka Khan Joins the Celebrity Cast

    Chaka Khan is heading to "Dancing with the Stars."The singer confirmed the news on social media."It's official, y'all!! Need you to root for me on #DWTS!!" she wrote. She also recorded a video message about her joining the show.Khan, 62, is the seventh person to be announced for season 21 of the…

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  • Atlas Genius: Meet the Australian Duo Behind 'Trojans' and 'Molecules'

    Maybe you remember Atlas Genius’s song “Trojans” from a 2013 episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Or, maybe you saw the band open for Imagine Dragons at some point in the last few years. Maybe you don’t know them at all -- but now is the perfect time to get acquainted, because the band’s second album,…

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  • Boy, 13, Keeps Father Alive After He's Badly Hurt by Falling Boulder

    David Finlayson has his 13-year-old son to thank as he recovers at home today after being struck by a refrigerator-size boulder during a camping trip. Finlayson, 52, and his son Charlie were backpacking and climbing near Ship Island Lake in a part of Idaho known as "River of No Return Wilderness"…

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  • Luke Bryan Says Sons Bo and Tate Are Adjusting Very Well Since His Nephew Til Moved In

    Luke Bryan's oldest son, Bo, went from being the "alpha male" in the house to being the middle child when Luke's 13-year-old nephew, Til, moved in with them last year. The adjustment hasn't fazed Bo or his younger brother, Tate, though. Til has even helped Bo and Tate improve as athletes, Bryan…

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  • See a Pair of Twins Hear Their Mom for the First Time

    Kayla and Kiara Hernandez were born with moderate hearing loss and in need of hearing aids to hear properly, according to ABC station KABC-TV in Los Angeles. But their parents didn't know if they could afford the life-changing technology at first because the hearing aids cost approximately $12,000…

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  • Police Find Wig, Shawl and Gun in Virginia Shooter's Car, Warrant Says

    A briefcase with a wig, shawl and three license plates were among the items found inside the car of the gunman who killed two of his former colleagues during a televised interview in Virginia on Wednesday, according to a search warrant. ABC News has obtained the warrant filed to search the rental…

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  • How WBDJ Was Able to Get Through This Morning’s Newscast After On-Air Slayings

    The heartbreaking task of getting back to work was the first assignment of the day for the staffers at WDBJ-TV in Virginia. They returned to the news desk a day after two of their colleagues were fatally shot during a live interview. "They're doing as well as can be expected," station general…

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  • Beloved NYC Radio Host Elvis Duran Details Dramatic 105-Pound Weight-Loss Journey

    As the host of the number one Top 40 morning radio in the country, Elvis Duran had no problem dishing out “real talk” to his seven million loyal listeners or rubbing elbows with the likes of Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and dozens of other A-list celebrities. In December, the host of the…

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  • Kentucky Same-Sex Couple Denied Marriage License for 3rd Time at Rowan County Clerk's Office

    A same-sex couple from Morehead, Kentucky, were denied a marriage license for a third time at the Rowan County Clerk's Office today, and the emotional exchange was caught on video. The denial comes just one day after the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals denied Rowan County Clerk Kimberly Davis'…

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  • Christmas in August: Walmart to Launch Layaway Plan

    Starting Friday, two weeks earlier than it did last season, Walmart will allow customers to pay for nearly 40,000 items in installments. "Retailers want to get customers as soon as possible and Walmart's jumping the gun," said Business Insider's Ashley Lutz. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is…

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  • On-Air Shooter's Firing Was Filmed By Cameraman He Later Killed

    Details about the February 2013 firing of Vester Lee Flanagan, who used the name Bryce Williams professionally, have emerged as part of the public court filings in relation to a lawsuit he filed against his former employer, WDBJ. The 167-page file from Roanoke City General District Court documents…

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  • PB&Js Never Looked So Good to These Kids Trying Foreign School Lunches

    After watching this hilariously enlightening video, your kid heading back to school might not be complaining about that cafeteria sloppy joe after all. Cut.com has compiled a video of American children trying school lunches from all over the world, with typical cuisines from India, Sweden, Japan,…

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