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  • Officer Calms Girl Who Is Afraid of Police During Traffic Stop

    A Texas police officer comforted a young black girl after her father was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. On Aug. 10 Michael Harris was stopped by Officer Mike Collins from the Frisco Police Department with his 7-year-old daughter Mikylie in the car. "The police officer gave her a little…

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  • Mom Dies Trying to Rescue 2-Year-Old Son Who Fell in Lake, Officials Say

    The tragic accident happened this past Tuesday, when the mom had been boating with her family at Lake Powell in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, according to a National Park Service (NPS) news release on the same day. At one point, the 2-year-old boy suddenly fell overboard, and his mother --…

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  • Unclear If Trump Knew About Past Domestic Violence Charges Against New Campaign CEO

    Donald Trump's campaign manager said today she did not know whether the Republican presidential nominee was aware of the domestic violence charges reportedly filed two decades ago against new Trump campaign CEO Stephen Bannon. Bannon was "charged with misdemeanor domestic violence, battery and…

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  • Manhunt Underway for Killer of 2 Nuns in Mississippi

    A manhunt is underway in rural Mississippi for the killer of two nuns who were found dead in their home Thursday morning in the town of Durant. A car apparently taken from the nuns' home was found Thursday night about one mile away from the crime scene, said Warren Strain, spokesman for the…

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  • President Obama Broke Promise for Charity Donation, ISIS Hostage Family Says

    President Obama will make a financial contribution to a memorial foundation for slain ISIS hostage Kayla Mueller, the White House said today, but a spokesperson couldn’t explain why he hasn’t donated in the 17 months since her parents say he made a heartfelt pledge to them. But Earnest could not…

    Good Morning America18 mins ago
  • Police Video Shows Woman Hearing About Shooting Death of Her Ex, an FSU Law Professor

    The ex-wife of slain Florida State University law professor Dan Markel told Tallahassee police on the day of the shooting that she was in fear and worried that whoever shot Markel could be coming for her children next. Markel was killed on the morning of July 18, 2014. A prominent professor with…

    Good Morning America27 mins ago
  • Oprah Winfrey Says She Often Thinks 'If Only I Had' a Talk Show Again

    Oprah Winfrey said goodbye to her iconic talk show "The Oprah Winfrey Show" five years ago, but the TV magnate admits at times she still wishes she was discussing the biggest news stories in front of a national audience. "The first time that happened was with [Jerry] Sandusky," Winfrey told…

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  • 'Hands of Stone' Review: Robert De Niro 'Occasionally Upstages' Star Edgar Ramirez

    Roberto Duran, hands down, was one of the greatest boxers of all time. "Hands of Stone" is not that, but it’s not bad, either. The movie’s biggest problem is that it sometimes feels like a biopic of Duran’s trainer, Ray Arcel, played by Robert De Niro, in what I would consider one of his better…

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  • Record Noise Levels Expected at Minnesota Vikings' New Stadium

    The Minnesota Vikings will kick off its first pre-season game this weekend at a brand new stadium that is already raising questions about its noise level. The U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, where the Vikings will face the San Diego Chargers Sunday, hosted a Metallica concert last week that left…

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  • 'Don't Breathe' Review: It's 'An Original Horror Story That's a Near Masterpiece'

    The world should’ve known writer/director Fede Alvarez would give us something like "Don’t Breathe" when he successfully remade "Evil Dead" three years ago. There was a reason "Evil Dead" creator Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell picked Alvarez for that task.

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  • What Donald Trump and His Campaign Have Said About Immigration This Week

    Donald Trump says he plans to discuss his immigration plan at length in a speech at some point next week, but that hasn’t stopped the Republican presidential nominee from teasing some of the possible changes he may adopt. In November, Trump first mentioned a “deportation force” to remove…

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  • Mylan CEO Heather Bresch Defends EpiPen Pricing as 'Running a Business'

    CEO Heather Bresch has come under intense scrutiny in recent weeks over the soaring cost of the company’s popular epinephrine injector, which is used to help counteract life-threatening allergic reactions. But Bresch made no apologies for such pricing: “I am running a business,” she told The New…

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  • This Magical DMV Serves Cupcakes and Is Winning at Customer Service

    Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a horrendous DMV experience. Well, the customers at the Holly Springs DMV in North Carolina certainly can’t relate. When they walk in to their local DMV, rather than being told to take a number and forced to wait for hours in a dimly lit depressing lobby only to…

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  • Man Strips Down to Boxers, Scales Airport Fence, Rams Pickup Truck Into Plane

    A man being chased by police after breaching a security gate at Omaha's Eppley Airfield airport Thursday night stripped down to his boxer shorts, stole a truck on the runway and rammed it into the nose of a Southwest Airlines jet, authorities said. The incident kicked off around 9:30 p.m., when…

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  • Bystanders Hold Up Roller Coaster After It Collapses at Georgia Fair, Video Shows

    New video captures the moment when a group of bystanders at a fair in northwest Georgia rushed to hold up a kiddie roller coaster after it suddenly collapsed. The group also rescued seven children on the ride when it malfunctioned, according to Glenn Allen, spokesman for Georgia State's Office of…

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  • 'Gilmore Girls' Revival Pays Tribute to Edward Herrmann

    Edward Herrmann, who played Grandpa Gilmore, died in December 2014. "He would have loved this [new series]," Lauren Graham, 49, who played his daughter Lorelai Gilmore, told People in a new interview. Alexis Bledel, who played his granddaughter Rory, said, "He was wonderful to work with.

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  • The History of Dogs as Pets

    In honor of National Dog Day, ABC News looked back at how our furry four-legged companions evolved from feral wolves into our best friends. Swedish geneticist Pontus Skoglund published a study last year in the journal Current Biology, describing his findings of a 35,000-year-old Siberian wolf…

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