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  • Bobbi Kristina Brown: Partner Nick Gordon Checks Into Rehab

    Bobbi Kristina Brown’s partner Nick Gordon has entered rehab. "The family supports Nick 100 percent," a Gordon family member told ABC News. This comes one day after the “Dr. Phil” show teased an interview with Gordon, 25, set to air next week as an intervention from the TV doctor and Gordon’s…

    Good Morning America9 mins ago
  • GoFundMe Page Launched for Family With Breast Cancer, Brain Tumor

    Shad Bell, 42, underwent surgery Thursday to remove a brain tumor. He was diagnosed with a meningioma earlier this year, just as his wife, Carey, found out the breast cancer she fought five years ago had relapsed and is now stage four breast cancer. Carey Bell, a 35-year-old nurse, has been told…

    Good Morning America9 mins ago
  • Woman Donates Kidney to Stranger, Starts Kidney Transplant Chain

    When Zully Broussard decided to donate one of her kidneys to a stranger, she had no idea her act of kindness would spur five more people to donate their kidneys to strangers as part of a rare kidney transplant chain. Broussard, of Sacramento, California, underwent surgery at California Pacific…

    Good Morning America9 mins ago
  • 911 Audio of Bizarre Connecticut Robbery Attempt With Fake Explosives Released

    For someone who had just learned one of his co-workers had a bomb strapped to his chest, the president and chief executive officer of Achieve Financial Credit Union in Connecticut sounded remarkably calm and matter-of-fact. An audio recording of the Feb. 23 call was released today by police in…

    Good Morning America52 mins ago
  • Middle Schoolers Write Children's Book From Perspective of Seattle's Bus-Riding Dog

    A black Labrador who rides Seattle buses on her own motivated a class of Colorado sixth graders to write a children's book from the dog's perspective. The 2-year-old dog named Eclipse made headlines in January for riding the bus solo to a dog park. When Whitney Yeager, a teacher at Laredo Middle…

    Good Morning America14 mins ago
  • Surfs Up! Dad Gives Baby Girl a Lesson in Hanging Ten

    This dad’s “little surfer, little one” has clearly made his heart come all undone.Kris Strong and his adorable 7-month-old daughter live in Clearwater Beach, Florida, so naturally when crawling didn’t come so easily for the baby, surfing was the next best option.Little Girl Angrily Recites Her…

    Good Morning America39 mins ago
  • Family Creates Bucket List for Terminally Ill Toddler

    Zach Parnaby was born a healthy baby boy in Northeastern, England. "Zach was mischievous, cheeky, and extremely brilliant," she said. At first, Zach's regression was thought to be a phase and doctors were confident that it would subside.

    Good Morning America39 mins ago
  • #BlackOutDay: Trending Twitter Hashtag Celebrates Black People, Fights Negative Stereotypes

    If you've been on Twitter or other social media today, you've probably seen the hashtag #BlackOutDay trending. #BlackOutDay is a social media campaign today celebrating black beauty and fighting against negative images and stereotypes perpetuated in the media, YouTube personality Frenchesca Ramsey…

    Good Morning America53 mins ago
  • Kim Kardashian Shares Too Much About Sex Life in New Promo

    A little too much information there. In a new promo for season 10 of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim Kardashian shares an insight into her sex life with husband Kanye West.The clip on E! opens with Kardashian, 34, saying, "I've been having sex 500 times a day."Read: Kim Kardashian Explains…

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  • Cate Blanchett and Husband Andrew Upton Adopt a Baby Girl

    Acclaimed actress and "Cinderella" star Cate Blanchett just adopted a little girl, ABC News has confirmed. This is the fourth child for the Oscar winner, who is already mom to Ignatius Martin, 6, Roman Robert, 10, and Dashiell John, 13, with her husband, whom she married in 1997. "The Upton…

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  • Lammily, the 'Realistic' Fashion Doll, Star of New Commercial

    A fashion doll with more realistic body proportions, acne and even stretch marks is the star of a new commercial called #DoYou. The commercial stars the doll, Lammily, as a woman excited to go on a vacation to Miami before being beset by beauty standards. The commercial shows Lammily catching a…

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  • Meet Google, Your New Cocktail Recipe Bartender

    Because sometimes you just need a cocktail recipe right freaking now, Google has solved all your problems.

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  • Movie Review: 'The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'

    In this sequel to 2011’s hit "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," Sonny (Dev Patel) and Muriel fly to the United States, hoping to get a major senior-living chain to go into business with them, so they can buy a nearby property in India and open "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel," and ultimately…

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  • Judi Dench Not Happy About Being 80

    You would think Judi Dench has tons to be happy about. The iconic actress has a career dating back to the 1960s, which includes an Oscar win and even being made a dame by Queen Elizabeth.But Dench is adamant about not loving the fact she's 80 years old.Read: Inside Maggie Smith and Judi Dench's…

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  • Robby Benson’s Son Follows in His Famous Father’s Footsteps

    If you haven't yet heard of Zephyr Benson, you soon will. The 22-year-old writer, director and actor makes his bold directorial debut today with "Straight Outta Tompkins," a film about a middle-class teen heroin addict in New York City. And if Benson -- who plays Gene, the teen who befriends a…

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  • It's National Day of Unplugging Yet You're Still Reading This

    It's "National Day of Unplugging" and the world is your unplugged oyster, nostalgically longing for your pre-iPhone self. The National Day of Unplugging starts tonight at sundown, until sundown Saturday, encouraging a lifestyle change to let go of your cellphone or iPad once in a while. To go…

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