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  • Never-Before-Seen Outtakes of Robin Williams as Genie Revealed in Disney's ‘Aladdin’ Digital Release

    “Aladdin” changed the landscape of major motion picture animation forever, and now, fans are getting their first look at never-before-seen clips from the Disney vault that feature the Genie, the character played by the late Robin Williams. The clips are outtakes that show Williams’ unmistakable…

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  • 20 Films You Will Want to See Between Now and Christmas

    Temperatures may be dropping, but the fall movie season is heating up.The box office is already off to a strong start, with "The Martian," starring Matt Damon, clearing $55 million in it's opening weekend, coming up just shy of previous October record holder, "Gravity."Meanwhile, "Hotel…

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  • Deadly Shooting Reported on Northern Arizona University's Flagstaff Campus

    A deadly shooting occurred on Northern Arizona University’s Flagstaff campus early this morning, and the suspected shooter is in custody, according to a university spokesperson. It's unclear what sparked the shooting, which took place near Mountain View Hall, a dormitory that houses most of the…

    Good Morning America14 mins ago
  • DIY 101: Innovative Tips to Organize Your Garage for Fall

    With children going back to school across the country, parents may be looking for additional room at home. If the garage is messy, here’s how you can organize it so everything is easily accessible.Chris and Peyton Lambton from HGTV’s “Going Yard” appeared on “Good Morning America” to show viewers…

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  • California Mother Convicted in Husband's 2012 Shooting Death

    A California mother was convicted of second-degree murder Thursday in the 2012 shooting death of her husband.Julie Harper, 42, cried after the jury announced its verdict. The jury reached its decision after five hours of deliberating.A judge declared a mistrial last year after a different jury was…

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  • NYCC: Did 'Game of Thrones' Let a Spoiler Slip

    As day 1 came to a close on New York Comic Con 2015, there were definitely a few, key highlights and lots to see.The most anticipated panel of the first day was "Game of Thrones," which may have let a spoiler slip. Here are the highlights:Game of ThronesDuring "A Panel of Fire and Ice," Natalie…

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  • Want the Hottest Chronograph Watches for Less?

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  • French Train Hero Spencer Stone Stabbed in California, Expected to Make Full Recovery

    Spencer Stone, a member of the U.S. Air Force, was reportedly attacked at approximately 1 a.m. PT, according to an Air Force spokesperson. Surveillance footage taken from a liquor store security camera shows Stone wearing a long-sleeved white shirt. Stone's shirt becomes stained, presumably from…

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  • 911 Audio Captures Wisconsin Teen's Emergency Call When Car Accelerator Sticks

    Oliva Crooks, 16, said she left her high school parking lot in her car on Tuesday afternoon and then realized she had lost control of her car. "I heard a crack," Crooks told local TV station WLUK in Green Bay. As Crooks' 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2006, which the family bought used last year,…

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  • Husband and Wife Raise Awareness After Both Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

    Gerard and Meg Campion shared their lives for decades raising two daughters in Connecticut, but the husband and wife never expected that a life spent together would also mean sharing diagnosis of breast cancer. In 2006, Gerard Campion was diagnosed first with the disease after spotting a tiny…

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  • $600,000 in Cash Stolen During Million-Dollar Heist Found Buried in Backyard of California Home

    About $600,000 in cash stolen during a million-dollar armored car heist in Los Angeles last year was recently found buried in the backyard of a home in Fontana, Calif., according to the FBI. Several FBI agents and Los Angeles Police Department detectives showed up at the home with a search warrant…

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  • Woman Mistakes Super Glue for Eye Drops and Ends Up With Stuck Eyelid

    A Florida woman said she mistakenly glued her eye shut with super glue, but her doctor was later able to pry it open. Katherine Gaydos told ABC News affiliate WPBF-TV that she accidentally glued her eye shut after getting debris into her eye last week. “Something blew into my eye and I screamed…

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  • 'Unbelievable' Strangers Assist Tennessee Honeymooners Whose Car Breaks Down

    Tennessee honeymooners experienced two acts of kindness in one day when their car broke down and strangers paid for their repairs. Whitney and Sean Moore of Columbia were on their honeymoon in Gulf Shores, Alabama, after their Sept. 25 wedding when their car broke down. Although they were unable…

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  • What Taylor Swift Learned From Her Twitter Feud With Nicki Minaj

    If there's one thing Taylor Swift's brief feud with Nicki Minaj taught her, it's that some things are better said offline."I send text messages now," the 25-year-old pop star told NME magazine recently. "If there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding, I go to someone's management, I get their…

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  • Girl, 10, Bravely Shaves Head to Raise Money After Dad Dies From Cancer

    "I'm immensely proud of her," mom Sarah Lewis-Schulz told ABC News. Three weeks later, he was brought to Severn Hospice in Shrewsbury, England. "We got married in the hospice because he'd always wanted to get married," Lewis-Schulz said.

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  • Dad and Son Dress as Disney Princesses, Bust Stereotypes

    Two parents are getting attention for saying "let it go" to gender stereotypes this Halloween. "Keep your masculine bulls--t and slutty kids costumes, Halloween is about children pretending to be their favorite characters," said Henson. Henson also revealed that he will be dressing up as fellow…

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  • Volkswagen's US Chief Apologizes to Lawmakers About 'Deeply Troubling' Events

    Michael Horn, Volkswagen Group of America CEO and president, was in the hot seat on Capitol Hill today, answering questions about the company's 11 million diesel cars that may have cheated emissions standards around the world. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vermont, relaying questions from his constituents,…

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  • How Amazon's 'Handmade' Plans to Take on Etsy

    Amazon's quest to dominate the online shopping experience expanded into Etsy's territory today with the launch of Handmade at Amazon, an online bazaar where artisans can sell their homemade goods. A decade after Etsy opened for business, the marketplace has shown there is a hunger for…

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