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  • This Dress With 17 Pounds of Sprinkles Will Make You the Sweetest Belle at the Ball

    Keep the ice cream cone. Now you can have an entire dress topped with sprinkles!Sarah Bryan, the beautician in Wakefield, England, who also created this delicious Skittles dress, is back. And this time she’s using a different type of rainbow -- 17 pounds of rainbow sprinkles to be exact.This Woman…

    Good Morning America9 mins ago
  • Germanwings Crash: What We Know About the Flight's Harrowing Final 10 Minutes

    Audio from inside the cockpit indicates co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, a 28-year-old German citizen, was in control of the Airbus A320. "The intention was to destroy the plane," Robin said.

    Good Morning America9 mins ago
  • New York Teen 'Pretty Speechless' After New York Jets 'Prom-Posal'

    “I’m thinking about wearing a green and white tux,” said Mike Pagano, 18, a Jets fan since the age of 7 when he started going to games with his dad. Pagano was sitting in his health class at Division Avenue High School in Levittown, New York, Wednesday morning when the high school’s daily morning…

    Good Morning America17 mins ago
  • 5 Takeaways From Duchess Kate's Maternity Style

    The Duchess, 33, has been spotted in designers ranging from Jenny Packham to Alexander McQueen to Mulberry, Seraphine and Tory Burch over the past nine months. Rosie Pope, founder of Rosie Pope Maternity and Rosie Pope Baby, parenting expert and mother of four, reveals five takeaways for everyday…

    Good Morning America52 mins ago
  • Battle of the Phones: Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Vs. HTC's One M9

    If Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge faced off in a beauty contest with the HTC One M9 -- it would be hard to say which phone would take the crown. Samsung and HTC's new devices are sleek -- but ultimately what's on the inside will help guide people in the market for a new Android phone as to…

    Good Morning America
  • John Stamos Auditions to Replace Zayn Malik in One Direction

    When it comes to music, John Stamos is no slouch.Not only did the 51-year-old play a musician in "Full House," he's toured with the legendary Beach Boys.So, when Zayn Malik, 22, quit One Direction Wednesday, actor Josh Peck, who plays Stamos' son in an upcoming show, took to Vine to recommend a…

    Good Morning America
  • Germanwings Crash: How the Co-Pilot Kept the Captain Out of the Cockpit

    The CEO of Lufthansa, which owns Germanwings, spoke today about the safeguards in place to separate the cockpit from the rest of the plane, saying that the co-pilot appears to have purposefully locked his colleague out in the minutes leading up to the fatal crash. CEO Carsten Spohr said that the…

    Good Morning America
  • 'Dynasty' Star Joan Collins Made a Dame

    The former "Dynasty" star received the honor today at Buckingham Palace from Prince Charles. "Not in a billion years did I think I would be made a Dame, it never even crossed my mind," Collins, 81, told reporters at the palace, according to People magazine.

    Good Morning America
  • Exactly How a 12-Pound Chocolate Easter Egg Is Made

    You may be more used to seeing smaller Easter eggs, but Betty’s in England has been making 12-pound Easter eggs since 1919.

    Good Morning America
  • Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings Co-Pilot, Received Training in Arizona

    Andreas Lubitz, 28, was a German citizen and started working for Germanwings' parent company Lufthansa at a flight training center outside of Phoenix in 2008, company officials said. The facility, called Airline Training Center Arizona, was owned by Lufthansa and is used by its pilots in addition…

    Good Morning America
  • "GMA" is #1 for the Week of March of 16th

    “GMA” is #1 for the Week Outperforming NBC’s “Today” by 576,000 Total Viewers and 146,000 Adults 25-54   “GMA” Widens News Demo Margin Over “Today” Both Week-to-Week and Year-to-Year “GMA” is Delivering its Largest Adults 25-54 Season Margin Over NBC’s “Today” in 23 Years ABC News’...

    ABC News
  • Lyft Wants You to Be Fuzzy BFFs With Your Driver

    The ride-sharing company is inviting drivers and passengers to share personal details with each other, including hometown, favorite music and a short bio. "Profiles is a new feature that gives passengers and drivers the option to share fun facts about themselves and discover mutual friends and…

    Good Morning America
  • Germanwings Co-Pilot Appeared to Want to 'Destroy the Plane': Prosecutor

    The co-pilot of the Germanwings plane that crashed in the French Alps this week appeared to want to "destroy the plane," Brice Robin, public prosecutor of Marseille, said today. Speaking at a news conference conducted mostly in French, Robin confirmed reports about the pilot being heard on the…

    Good Morning America
  • Ed Sheeran Surprises Couple, Serenades Them at Their Wedding

    Ed Sheeran is used to performing in huge arenas around the world, but recently, he played a much smaller venue. Kya and Matt Debono, an Australian couple that had been going through tough times recently, were having trouble financing their dream wedding when Sydney KIIS 1065 radio deejays stepped…

    Good Morning America
  • The Beastie Boys Are Officially Done

    Beastie Boys member Adam Horovitz just confirmed what most loyal fans basically knew: The band is not coming back. After fellow member Adam Yauch died at age 47 in 2012 from cancer, Horovitz a.k.a. Adam Yauch started the band.

    Good Morning America
  • One Direction Bandmates Post Emotional Messages Following Zayn Malik Departure

    One Direction bandmates Harry Styles and Liam Payne posted emotional messages to Twitter hours after Zayn Malik announced he would be leaving the band. "My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined," Malik, 22, said in a statement posted to the group's official Facebook…

    Good Morning America
  • Houston Road Rage Victim Recounts Her Terrifying Experience

    A Houston woman who was shot in the head in a road rage incident said the fact that she's alive must be torture for her attacker -- and she has a message for aggressive drivers. Kay Hafford, 22, was on her way to work in Houston Friday morning when she honked at a driver of a white Chevy Tahoe who…

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