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  • Windows 10 Experience Comes to iPhone, Android Devices

    Microsoft really wants to make Windows 10 omnipresent in the lives of its users. With the release of Windows 10 today, Microsoft is emphasizing a computing experience that can move seamlessly between the PC and almost any smartphone, including iPhone and Android devices. While Windows 10 stands…

    Good Morning America36 mins ago
  • Massachusetts Mom Heartbroken Over Infant's Death, Pleads With Thieves to Return Hospital Bracelets

    "I first hope that somebody does give the bracelets back, or, tells me where they’ve dumped the wallet," Casey Kilcup, of Plymouth, Massachusetts, told ABC News. Kilcup, a mom of two, said she will forever remember the day her son Brison was born as the best day of her life. On January 14, a…

    Good Morning America36 mins ago
  • Jimmy Kimmel Gets Emotional Talking About Cecil the Lion

    It's not often Jimmy Kimmel gets choked up, but on Tuesday night, the comedian did just that while talking about the recent killing of a beloved lion named Cecil. The late-night talk show host was responding to the recent news that Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer admitted to killing the well-known…

    Good Morning America36 mins ago
  • American Dentist Who Admitted Killing Cecil the Lion Now Hounded on Social Media

    Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who acknowledged hunting and killing Cecil, a beloved lion in Zimbabwe, is now the one being hounded on the Internet by protesters flooding his social media, creating online petitions and mocking him on parody accounts. Over 273,000 tweets contained the…

    Good Morning America36 mins ago
  • Taliban Leader Died 2 Years Ago, Afghan Officials Say

    Mullah Omar, the one-eyed leader of the Afghan Taliban, died more than two years ago in Pakistan, according to the Afghan government and a former senior member of the militant group. The former senior Taliban official told ABC News Omar had died two years ago of tuberculosis and was buried in the…

    Good Morning America42 mins ago
  • Cincinnati Bengals' Devon Still Says Daughter Leah Remains Cancer Free

    Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still shared the great news that his daughter, Leah Still, remained cancer-free after undergoing new scans Tuesday. The girl, who battled a stage 4 neuroblastoma, had a routine scan done Tuesday and Still was happy to later share that there were no signs…

    Good Morning America55 mins ago
  • Prince Charles Nearly Clipped by Eagle's Wings

    The quick reflexes of Britain’s Prince Charles were caught on camera today when an eagle nearly clipped the royal heir with its wings. Prince Charles and his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall, were guests of honor at the Sandringham Flower Show in Norfolk when the flap occurred. As Prince Charles and…

    Good Morning America
  • Catcalling Caught on Tape, Boyfriends React to Eye Opening Video

    Many women know what it’s like to be harassed as they walk down the street, but now a revealing video that’s trending on YouTube is giving some men a sense of what it’s really like, showing them what happens when their loved ones are the target. “Whoa! Hey baby girl,” one catcaller caught on video…

    Good Morning America
  • Coco Explains Why She and Ice-T Waited to Have First Child

    After 14 years of marriage to Ice T, reality star Coco Austin explained why she is now ready to have their first child together. "'Thirty-five I'm going to have a child' — I've been saying that my entire life," Austin revealed to E! News. But after turning 35, Austin wasn't so sure how easy it…

    Good Morning America
  • Delta Introduces Latest Commercial Airline Perk: Upgrades to Private Jets

    On Delta, the very best customers will have the option to fly private instead. The airline calls the option to fly private "a new surprise-and-delight program" limited to Medallion members traveling on select commercial Delta flights. Being a Medallion member on Delta requires a minimum…

    Good Morning America
  • How Tom Hanks Invited Oscar-Winning Director to 'Discover' Him When He Was a Teen

    When Tom Hanks was a teenager, he was taken with the movie "The Sting," and its Oscar-winning director, George Roy Hill. After seeing the film, Hanks, then an aspiring actor, wrote to Hill, asking for his big break. No one outside of Skyline High School has heard of me.

    Good Morning America
  • Couple on Trial for Allegedly Allowing Underage Drinking Before Teenager Killed in Crash

    The mother of a Raleigh, North Carolina, teenager killed in a car crash last year broke down while testifying in the trial against a couple accused of allowing her son and several other teens to drink before the crash.

    Good Morning America
  • Taylor Swift Meets Her Godson

    Taylor Swift posted pictures of her first meeting with her new godson.Best friend Jaime King welcomed the baby boy last week and today, Swift posted, "Meeting my boy."She added a picture holding the baby's tiny hand."Your little hand's wrapped around my finger and it's so quiet in the world…

    Good Morning America
  • NASA's Mars Orbiter Is Making a Huge Maneuver

    According to NASA, the move is necessary to put the 10-year-old spacecraft in a position to receive radio signals from the InSight lander, which is set to launch next spring. Think of it this way: NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is like the worried parent wanting to make sure their child, in…

    Good Morning America
  • Tom Brady's Destroyed Smartphone: A Look at Where Those Texts Went

    The destruction of Tom Brady's Samsung phone wouldn't have been enough to immediately get rid of his text messages, however the window of time he waited to disclose to the NFL he destroyed the phone would have been enough time for all traces of his communication to disappear. Brady's destroyed…

    Good Morning America
  • Demi Lovato Opens Up About 'Tragic' Death of Her Dog

    "We are absolutely heartbroken to be writing this but Wilmer and I are devastated to inform you that we lost our little angel Buddy last Sunday," she wrote about the loss she and boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama suffered.

    Good Morning America
  • Sam Smith Admits Weight Will Be 'A Battle for the Rest of My Life'

    Sam Smith recently lost more than 10 pounds on a new diet. "I just love food," he told U.K.'s Magic Radio. It's been a year of ups and downs for Smith, 23, who, in addition to getting into shape, had to undergo surgery for a vocal cord hemorrhage this past spring.

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