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  • Why Instant Ramen Inventor Momofuku Ando Floats in Space in Google Doodle

    Today's Google "Doodle" honors the father of instant noodles: Momofuku Ando, the Taiwanese-Japanese founder of the Nissin Food Products Co. With Taiwanese parents, Ando was born in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation of Taiwan and became a Japanese citizen after World War II. Today, Nissin…

    Good Morning America27 mins ago
  • ‘He Was 8 Years Old’: Father of Boy Killed in Boston Marathon Bombing Testifies

    Bill Richard was talking about his son, Martin, who died when one of the two bombs detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon April 15, 2013. Bill Richard addressed the court in a clear, calm voice, describing the day that he and his family went to watch the runners. There is a…

    Good Morning America29 mins ago
  • Superman Fan Saves 2 Lives After Donating Kidneys the Day He Died

    Chris Kmetz of Bothell was driving home from his job as a Boeing analyst Feb. 23 when his car flipped into a drainage pond, putting the Superman fan on life support, his wife Jackie Kmetz told ABC News today. You can register to become an organ donor online at Donate Life.

    Good Morning America25 mins ago
  • Wisconsin Mom and Daughter Diagnosed with Cancer 13 Days Apart

    Missy and Brooke Shatley, a mother and daughter from Prairie Farm, Wisconsin, both have cancer. “It’s that unbelief,” Missy, 38, told ABC News of her reaction when they learned the devastating news. Then on January 8, Brooke, Missy and her husband Jason’s oldest child, was diagnosed with stage 3…

    Good Morning America38 mins ago
  • Jodi Arias Trial: Judge Declares Mistrial After Hung Jury

    The jury could not reach an unanimous decision in the sentencing of convicted killer Jodi Arias and the judge declared a mistrial. Now that this second jury was hung, Judge Sherry Stephens is tasked with deciding Arias' sentence: whether she will be in prison for life or have the possibility for…

    Good Morning America
  • Jodi Arias Trial: Why Jury Couldn't Reach a Verdict

    There was one female juror who refused to sentence Arias to death for killing her boyfriend Travis Alexander, leading to an impasse and the hung jury. The apparent holdout, who was initially an alternate juror, seemed to come in with more knowledge about the case than others, having told the other…

    Good Morning America
  • 'Love Has No Labels' Video Goes Viral

    A viral video released by the Ad Council is warming hearts all over the globe.The public service announcement titled "Love Has No Labels," features a large LED screen tracking two skeletons kissing and hugging each other.The first pair step out in front of the crowd, revealing that they are two…

    Good Morning America
  • Kelly Clarkson Fires Back at Fat Shamer

    Journalist and reality star Katie Hopkins, known as "the most hated woman in Britain," blasted Clarkson's size on Twitter. "What happened to Kelly Clarkson?" Hopkins wrote on Feb. 20. In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" on Wednesday, she said, "Kelly Clarkson is now a chunky monkey, if…

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  • 'Bachelorette' Andi Dorfman Moves to New York City Following Josh Murray Split

    Just a couple months after she split from her fiance, Josh Murray, Andi Dorfman is in New York City and loving life. This comes after she admitted last month that the breakup from Murray had been hard.

    Good Morning America
  • Delta Airlines Plane Skids Off Runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York

    A plane skidded off a runway into a fence at New York’s LaGuardia Airport today while landing during a winter storm, shutting down the airport's runways, officials said. "All 125 passengers and five crew members were safely taken off plane," the Port Authority said adding that there did appear to…

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  • Neil Patrick Harris Doesn't Think He'll Host Oscars Again

    The reception of Harris was split, some liking what the "How I Met Your Mother" star had to bring to the table -- magic, dancing, sarcastic jokes -- while others were not so welcoming.

    Good Morning America
  • Boston Marathon Bombing: Inside Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's 'It Was Him' Defense Strategy

    One of the first things Tsarnaev's attorney Judy Clarke told the court Wednesday was that he was responsible for the "senseless, horrific, misguided acts." The defense would only contest the "why" of it all, she said, indicating it was Tsarnaev's late older brother, Tamerlan, who pushed her client…

    Good Morning America
  • Benedict Cumberbatch's Doppelganger Is a 16-Year-Old Teen Named Tyler Michell

    Tyler Mitchell, 16, says fans console him on the street for “losing” to “Theory of Everything” star Eddie Redmayne and are constantly stopping him to ask for photos and his autograph. “It started out as a joke - my close friends and family would tease me and say I looked like Benedict…

    Good Morning America
  • 16-Month-Old Has Egg-cellent Cooking Skills

    “We were baking cookies in the kitchen and wanted to get her involved so we gave her a little bowl of chocolate chips to eat and play with,” Anna’s mom, Ashley Quarella, told ABC News. When Anna, decked out in a chef’s apron and hat, started reaching for the eggs on the counter, her parents gave…

    Good Morning America
  • Kim Kardashian Explains Her 'Inspiration' for Platinum Blonde Hair

    Everyone freaked out today when pictures from Paris Fashion Week started to roll in and Kim Kardashian had gone platinum blonde.Today, the reality star, 34, took to Instagram to explain.See: Kim Kardashian Through the YearsRead: Kim Kardashian Gets A New Haircut"So I went platinum!! I have the best…

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  • Jerry Seinfeld Opens Up About Fatherhood at Charity Event

    Not only did Jerry Seinfeld enjoy a "Seinfeld" reunion with a few of his co-stars on Wednesday in Beverly Hills, the iconic comedian got candid about what he's learned being a father to his three children -- Sascha, Shepherd and Julian. In addition to celebrating the first Los Angeles Fatherhood…

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  • Facebook Users From Birth: Why Some Kids Are Already Online

    Rebecca Winkel adopted Clementine two years ago. I really saw how it added a nice layer to the open adoption where the family stays updated. Nowadays they don’t have to put a letter in the mail," Winkel, a New York City psychologist, told ABC News. Buzz Bishop, a Calgary-based radio host who…

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